Getting ready for ultrasound!!

I haven’t been able to post in a while. I’ve been pretty busy but lets see if I can catch up.

The weekend was a little tough. Although I had my mom in law and everything was great, physically I was in pain. I think that my ovaries were working triple time this weekend.


Man oh man was I sore. Multiple times I had to sit down for a while because of how much pressure I was feeling. The “strange” thing is that I drank the most amount of water during the weekend, so I’m not sure why I was so uncomfortable.

Tom kept telling me that at the end it’s all worth it. I’m sure it is. I know it is, but I have the right to complain a little. After all I’m the one getting daily shots and feeling the pain, right?

My mother in law got to watch me inject myself for the first time. Since she works in the medical field it didn’t really bother her as much as it did my mom and brother.

I think that we do have pretty high hopes for this cycle and I’m hoping that we won’t crash if it doesn’t work out. You never know how things will turn out with infertility treatments, it’s all very unpredictable.

Today is the day of my follow up ultrasound.  I’m still feeling pretty sore and bloated. I think that my belly looks huge already. It’s not too bad though. I guess I’ve gotten used to the feeling.


I’ve noticed that I’ve started to have some *CM discharge already and based on what I’ve read, that is a good thing.

It’s unfortunate that Tom won’t be able to accompany me to my ultrasound today but I’m hoping that everything will be ok. I’m praying for some good news. I just keep telling myself “Grow follies, grow!”

I’m also supposed to have my *trigger shot delivered today. I’m looking forward to that. I want to be ready in case we have to trigger today or tomorrow.

Can u tell that I’m anxious and nervous? I’m babbling all over the place.

I guess this is it for now. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to post once I get back from my doctor’s appointment.

Wish me luck!


*CM = Cervical Mucus

*Trigger shot = shot of hormone that makes your body ovulate


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