How is he 2 years old already? How am I going to manage that……

I can not believe that my little monkey is turning 2 years old in 5 days.

Tom was joking the other day how this past Saturday was going to be his last Saturday as a one year old. When it first said it, I laughed, then the freak out moment happened and I just couldn’t believe that time has gone by so so fast.

I mentioned this to a friend and she did not get it at all. What is it not to get? We tried to conceive him for 3 years and with a blink of an eye he is now turning 2? How is that even possible?

Patryck amazes me every single day. He is so smart and has such an incredible personality. He is the youngest at his daycare, but he is one of the tallest and most “talkative” kids there. It’s not that you can understand what he’s saying all of the time but he sure tries to tell you what is going on.

This weekend we had both of his Godparents visiting. His Nina (Carol) and his Oie (Felipe, my brother). He was so overwhelmed with them here and so very excited. He would wake up and say, Nina here? Oie here?

It just made me so happy to see him that excited. I won’t lie that it also made me a little sad that he doesn’t have them here as often as I wish he had, and that also applies for the rest of the family. It’s too bad that they are all missing out on this amazing journey and daily experiences that Patryck goes through every single day. But I guess that’s life and there’s nothing that I can do about that.

On the bright side, his Nina is trying to get a job here in Indiana and if she does then she’ll be really close to us (if not with us) and his Oie just moved back to the US from Brasil and he’s going to be much  much closer, so hopefully we will get to visit him more often (and vice versa).

Again, I just can’t believe that Patryck is already 2. It is very hard to even comprehend how fast time has gone by.

We are celebrating his birthday by taking him to Disney World. I have gotten some mixed comments from people about that. Some say that he’ll love it and others say that he’s not going to understand much and that we’re over reaching here.

I say, we are going to have a blast. We don’t have a lot of family or friends near us and flying to Brasil is just way too expensive right now. So, Disney sounded a lot more doable for us financially. 
I do know that however it goes, that Tom and I will have some of the most amazing memories to reminiscence on for years to come (most likely for the rest of our lives).

Mommy here has made multiple family shirts for Disney and have planned on decorating the hotel window and everything. Again, he won’t remember it, I’m sure of it. But I’m also sure that I will NEVER forget the expression on his face of when he sees Mickey and Donald and all of the other little things that he’ll get to enjoy at Disney.

We will be flying out there the day of his birthday, and then we will enjoy dinner with Mickey as well as a small birthday cake. Then from there on we will see how we manage the parks.

We have a friend that is planning to drive to Disney and spend a couple of days with us. I sure hope that they manage to do that and we get to spend some time with them. I would love for that to happen.

I’ll post new pictures once I’m on the computer that I uploaded them to.