We’re almost there!


Today we had an ultrasound. This was actually our second ultra and it went great.

Dr.S said that we have 3 beautiful follicles measuring just about or above 17 and that the lining of my uterus was great. He said that the thicker the stickier and we’re measuring at an high 14.

I had my last day of Follistim today (still at 150IU) and we’re set to inject our trigger shot tomorrow night at 10:30pm. Which then we’ll get us to have our IUI on Monday at 10:30am.

Like before we’re instructed to continue taking my Metformin 1000mg and baby asa until we know if we’re pregnant or not. I asked about the prometrium and how I absolutely hate it. The problem is not the pill per say but how you administer it.

They’re going to try and have me on Endometrium and that has an applicator for it. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. I also asked about continuing with Metformin if we go get our BFP (Big Fat Positive) and they said that we would continue it just like all of the other meds until we’re 12wks.

Tom is so excited already. He’s making plans for the future and talking as if he knows that I’ll be pregnant.

It’s very exciting and I’m trying my best to STAY POSITIVE!!!

Thank you for the prayers already given and we welcome the prayers to continue.


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