26wks and Gestational Diabetes Test

26 weeks

26 weeks


We have reached viability and I couldn’t be happier.

Today I had a doctor’s appointment. Because I see a high risk ob, I do get to see the girls every single time that we go there. It’s not for very long, but at least I get to see them.

Today both were measuring at 26 weeks and 6 days and they are both weighing at a little over 2 lbs each. Which I think is amazing to know.  Also, baby A was “smacking” her lips for us. So so cute

I also had my 1hr glucose test, I guess we shall see what the results say about that.

As always, I asked the doctor lots of questions.

We talked about my rib cage pain, and he said that the pain is coming from the cartilage that is softening and separating and there’s not much that we can do. But if it gets too bad, that we can treat it with pain meds.

We talked about my placentas. He said that he is amazed with how they are located. He said that with the early ultrasounds that he was sure worried for me and he just can’t believe how much they have shifted.  He said he doesn’t get to see such a drastic change like mine too often.

We talked about scheduling a c-section. His words were “although you don’t believe you’ll make it until January, I do”. And that the plan it for me to go as long as I can go and then we will see and discuss what’s best after each appointment. Even if that means that I bring my bags each and every time I see him. LOL

The last conversation was about work. He wants me to stop working as of November 15th. Just take it easy and get used to all the changed that my body are making and aches and pains. I am ok with that decision after this week and all of the rib cage pain that I’ve been having.

I also met with their midwife and talked about my dizzy spells. She wants me to drink 12 cups of water per day. SAY WHAT? That’s a lot. I also need to up my protein intake. I need 100gm of protein per day. That’s a LOT!! Better learn to read labels soon!!!

Needless to say, I have to really pack our hospital bags now. I just feel like it needs to be done. Just in case.

Here’s hoping to hear good news from the doctor’s office on the glucose test and if all is well then I go back in 2 wks, if not, then I will see them again either this week or first thing next week.

Grow babies grow! Mommy loves you. 


24 weeks – Feeling tired and dizzy spells

This past Sunday the family and I went to the big city to get a 3/4D ultrasound and to do some shopping.

Although it’s quite a drive, the weather is still good and it was nice to do something different once in a while. Of course, the babies were not being so cooperative, so that wasn’t helpful at all.

None the less, we double checked and we are still having girls. I don’t know what it is that I’m always so worried and want to make sure that it doesn’t change.

The technician was hilarious, she asked me if I had lots of back pain, to which I responded “yes” and she said that the way that baby A is located is probably what’s causing it, as well as the fact that she’s riding my bladder. Baby B was up really high and hiding under my rib cage. She said that baby B was probably the one causing my heartburn problems. LOL

Both babies were looking so big, I loved watching them. Unfortunately they were both turned back to us and although we tried a lot to have them turn, it just wasn’t 100% successful. Baby A refused to do that. We were only able to get a couple of shots of her face and they were somewhat in motion. That means that I get to go back, free of charge, and have this redone. YAY

Izabella @ 24wks1day aka baby A

Izabella @ 24wks1day
aka baby A

Maya Ellena @24wks1day aka Baby B

Maya Ellena @24wks1day
aka Baby B


As far as doctor’s appointments, I had one done today. I guess I’m putting on 1lb a wk of weight and that scares me, but my doctor seems to be happy with that. He looked at the girls real quick and said that they are both measuring at about 1.5lbs each. So awesome to hear that.

We talked about my c-section and my reaction to the white staples (they came out like zits with Patryck. It didn’t hurt but I thought I would let him know) and we talked about him being around for the holidays.  He said that he is Super happy with how things are going with me and that he believes that I’ll make it until January. He said that he has rarely seen two previas like mine and the fact that they have moved so much has really been incredible.

I guess I didn’t know how bad it really was. I am glad that things are going well then. I also talked to him about dizzy spells, which I’ve been having lots of and he said that they are not harmful but for me to be careful and let him know if it gets worse. My bloodpressure was good so that’s always good news.

I get to go back in a couple of week for another check up and to have my GD test done. I am no looking forward to that and here’s hoping that it goes well so I don’t have to repeat it. (Insert wishful thinking).

23weeks – Kicks and pains

Hello everyone,


23 weeks&4days

I am currently 23 weeks and 5 days today. I am so happy to have reached this far without any major problems happening. Of course my placenta has been riding low and that has been a concern but as of last Friday (10/04) doc said that he is very happy about how much my placentas has moved.

I had a little “scare” last Friday, as I woke up super uncomfortable and with terrible lower back pain. The pain would come and go and it was just strange. I went to work and set there and it wouldn’t stop, then it hit me, it felt like what I had with Patryck that ended up sending me to the hospital.

So, I called my doctor and told them what I was feeling. I was told to immediately take some Tylenol and drink a couple cups of cold water and be a couch potato (I swear those were the nurse’s words) until my appointment that same day at 2pm.

I did all that she asked me to do and of course I called Tom to let him know what was going on. I asked him to take me to the doctor’s appointment because I was concerned.

The one thing that I LOVE about my doctor is that he makes me feel like I’m a human being. He makes me feel like he knows me and I’m not just another number. He went searching for me, asking if Wanessa was still here and that they better had not sent me home before seeing him. Of course, I was in the ladies room hearing all of this and just laughing.

I had one of those “fun” internal ultrasounds to check on my cervix and placentas and the doctor was very happy with how everything looked. The cervix was long and closed and the placentas had moved further away than last appointment.

We talked about the babies weight (they are each over 1lb each) and how much weight they grow per week at this stage and that they’ll be gaining about six ounces a week after week 26 or so. I thought that was awesome and very fascinating.

So for now, the plan is to just keep going and take it easy at the same time.

The babies have been kicking a lot, which I love, and of course I’m sore all over the place.

I don’t believe I’m very swollen this time around, but I’m sure I am some. It looks like I have gained a total of 9lbs the entire pregnancy, so I’m pretty “happy” about that. I hope that they’re absorbing all of my already existing fat and growing bigger and bigger each day.

Ohhh I almost forgot. We have a 3/4D ultrasound scheduled for this upcoming Sunday in Chicago. I’m super excited about it. I actually found something on craigslist that I’ll hopefully be purchasing while in Chicago. Better yet I’ll get to see my princesses and what they look like, I’m so excited.