A visit to labor and delivery!

As ironic as this might seem, the very next day after we had our bags packed we had to go to L&D.

Last week I had some back aches, it felt a lot like I was starting my period. I called my Ob they told me to drink lots of water, lay down and if it didn’t get better to go to L&D.
Well, last week it got better so we didn’t go.

This monday was a whole other story.

I got to work at about 5:45am, at 7am I started with the back aches again. I wrote down the time and waited for it to pass. Sure enough in about one hour or so it passed.
At around 9:30am it was back again and it lasted a little longer than 1 hour so I called my OB.

This very nice nurse (the same I had spoken with the wk before) talked to me. She decided that it would be best for me to go to L&D “just in case”.

She said, “it’s probably nothing and you’ll be back home in about 2 hours”.

So, I called my hubby and told him what was going on. I had the car so our friend drove him to my work and hubby drove me to the hospital.

We waited for over 2 flipping hours to be admited. I think that they didn’t think it was a big deal and were taking the “worst” cases before me.

Anyway, I got this very nice delivery nurse to check me. She wasn’t the normal “L&D” nurse and we only found that out because one of the L&D nurses got involved in my care and said that the other one was taking too long checking up on me. Anyway, I’ll say more about that later.

There I was laying in bed, nice nurse checked my vitals, BP was high 134 over 86. She asked me MULTIPLE times if I was diabetic or had HBP problems. I told her every single time NO, I’m just fat but healthy. LOL

She did this exam called FFN, I guess it measures the chemicals that your cervix emits once it’s dilating. If u get a positive you’re most likely delivering in 2wks, BUT u can get a false negative so it’s a little strange.
She hooked me up to the monitors and waited about 30 minutes. She said that she was not seeing any contractions but that she was going to run the FFN test to the lab and be back.

The moment she left the contractions started again. They had me laying on my side and I could tell right away that I was having them.

I could also tell that they were pretty close to each other but couldn’t tell how close. Hubby kept an eye on the monitor and I just kept asking him to keep an eye on Patryck’s HB and make sure he was ok. Patryck’s HB was great and didn’t really budge through the contrax.

I stayed there for over 2 hours and the contractions were pretty frequent. I had to get up and go pee and when I got back it got a little better.

I could hear the nurse calling my doctor and letting him know that I wasn’t dilated or effaced but that I was having contractions. They monitored me for another hour and the nurse came in. This was yet another nurse but she was nice, not like the “get in, get out” nurse that came in between them.

She told me that I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and that they wanted to put me on this medication (pills) to stop them. They were sending me home BUT I was to be on bedrest. NO MORE WORK for you she said.

WHAT? I asked some questions and tried to negotiate with her, she ended up saying “well check with your Ob tomorrow and see then”.

I’m to take this medication until I’m 36wks along then stop it. 2 weeks of strict bed rest for me!!!!

They sent me home with a prescription for Nifedipine and I’m to take this around the clock every 6 hours.

I had to set up alarms in the middle of the night to wake me up otherwise I’ll miss a dose.

I went to work on tuesday but after calling my OB they sent me home on strict bed rest. I guess this medication is no joke and if I don’t obey by the rules this baby is coming out sooner than expected.

I’m not allowed to do anything but pee and lay down. My poor husband……that’s all I have to say.

Anyway, here I am now on bedrest. It’s cute because Tom thinks that once we stop taking this meds little Patryck will come out. That was the case of this one lady that was also at L&D with us. She stopped this meds on sunday night and on monday she was at L&D and they said she was delivering that same day. WOW.

This baby can be here as soon as 2wks from now and it just sounds scary and excited at the same time.


Getting Ready for the Hospital!

Tom and I have talked about getting our hospital bag ready. I remember before I was pregnant thinking about this and wondering “why don’t people just have it ready and in their car already?”

Now I know why. At least for me, I had no clue what to pack. I did some online research and asked some friends. Checked on some of my friend’s lists and made my own assumptions. I hope that I’ve packed enough stuff or at least the things that I will be needing.

I packed a small suite case and this is what we got :

3 shirts for Tom
3 changes of boxers for Tom
1 going home outfit for me
4 changes of undies for me
3 nursing bras (since I have no clue what size I’ll be)
nursing pads
2 nightgowns
3 pairs of warm socks for me
toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, travel size shampoo & conditioner, soap)
Tylenol and Pepto for Tom (just in case)
A small (really it’s small) CD/Mp3 player
I-pod with music
Some DVDs in case we get bored
Video Camera
Cellphone charger
paperwork for hospital (birth certificate and social security papers for baby)

For little Patryck we packed:

2 blankets
2 receiving blankets
2 burp cloths
2 newborn outfits
2 0-3 months outfits
2 little caps
4 pairs of socks (couldn’t make up my mind)
2 mittens
4 diapers (hospital will provide some too)
baby wipes (I heard the hospital provides the ones that u have to get wet, so I’m taking ours)
nursing cover

When talking to Tom about it I thought that he would want to put the suitcase and diaper bag in the car already but he doesn’t want to do that just yet.

Tom has a plan. We have a doctor’s appointment next week and he wants to first go to that appointment, then get the car cleaned. After that he would like to have the suitcase and diaper bag in the car as well as get the car seat installed.

I think that it’s so cute that he’s making these plans and helping me so very much.

I just hope he understands that at any minute things can change.

Ohh on another note. I’m not sure if I should pack a towel too…..I can’t make up my mind.
I would also like to have a sleeping bag in the car for Tom in case he doesn’t get a bed at the hospital. He said that he prefers that over a blow up mattress so we’ll go with that.

Someone at one of the forums that I visit suggested keeping some towels in the car as well in case there’s any leakage on the way to the hospital. I also thought that it was a great idea. I guess we’ll see how much space we’ll have left in the car. I don’t want to over pack it and not have enough space for other things.

It just feels so crazy that it’s almost time. Specially since at the same time if feels so far away.

Tom and I had this long talk about life and how much it’s going to change. It’s not that we’re worried about losing our freedom or anything like that. It’s more about how worried we’re going to be about him and his wellbeing. All those little things.

I just know that I can’t wait to see Tom hold Patryck for the first time. You know, all the first times of everything. I just can’t wait for that. The first, time he holds Tom’s fingers, the first time he smiles, cries, says “I love you”. All those moments. I just can’t wait.

33 weeks!!! Getting so close!!

33 weeks belly. Baby is head down!!

Yesterday we had our bi-weekly doctor’s appointment. As I feared, he had to re-schedule (emergency c-section) . My Ob is always a very busy person and I just know that if we schedule anything with him in the afternoon that it will get rescheduled.

It wasn’t a problem since they had me come in and see our wonderful nurse Jane.

She is so sweet, I really like her. My blood pressure has been hanging around 130 over 80s now and it wasn’t much different. It was actually 134 over 84. She said that since it’s been pretty consistent that she’s not worried.

I gained one and a half pounds in 2 weeks and she said that it’s great. Our little peanuts heart beat was around 150-160s which is also pretty consistent. I’m measuring between 35-36 weeks now. Yep he’s growing!!!

We talked about how do we know position and all and she tried to feel it again (as she did last time). She guessed the same then she decided to do an ultrasound just to double check.

I was not going to stop her from showing us our little peanut.

There he was. So beautiful! We saw his head, spine, ribs, legs, little feet, hand, his pee pee, his little heart beating away and the best part, she stopped at his face. We could clearly see his little face and chubby cheeks. He’s just so beautiful. And Yes, he’s head down!!!

It’s hard to explain this but I’ll try. You know one of those moments where you look at things and find yourself wondering, “is this really happening to me?” I had that moment when I saw his face.

My brain still can’t believe that this beautiful, amazing little boy is growing inside of me. I felt like saying, someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!!

This ultrasound didn’t take long at all, but she did show us so much. This baby is already on his ready position. No wonder I feel pressure down there!!

She then analyzed my swollen legs and said that I’m at 2+ edema and to just try and lay on my side as much as I can.  I can sure try that.

Anyway, after our Ob’s appointment we killed some time and then went to our Newborn Care Class.  It was awesome. In our small little world, nurse Jane’s daughter was the one teaching the class!! Awesome!

I have to say that the part of the circumcision was not easy. I just don’t understand why would people put their child through this if it’s not medically necessary. I just don’t get it.

Don’t give me the infection argument as it’s total bull. If a circumcised baby has a 1 in 1000 chance of a UTI vs. an uncircumcised baby that has a 3 in 1000 chance……it’s NOT that big of a difference!! Not worth putting my child through that much pain!!! Not going to happen!!

Anyways, enough about that. We’ll go back to see Dr.Sw in 2 weeks (hopefully) and then after that I believe we’ll start seeing him every week from then on.

It’s getting so close. I’m so excited. I should just get our hospital bag ready already!! Just in case!!

Breastfeeding Class!!

We had our breastfeeding class last night and it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would.

After me being upset with Tom, I went to pick him up and it was like night and day. He was in a great mood. As if he had never been rude to me all day long. Very strange.

We had to stop at the pharmacy to grab some Monistat. I’ve been a little itchy and my nurse told me to go ahead and start using that until I see my OB next week.

I got home and decided to use it already since I wasn’t feeling all that great. Being pregnant, low immune system and so flipping hot doesn’t help these situations. Well, I used the darn thing as my nurse instructed me to.

OMG did it BURN!!! It wasn’t like a little sting. OHHHH NOOOOO. It burned like hell. I was so uncomfortable and just really upset for a good hour. I could barely eat dinner before we left.
Tom just sat there with a little freaked out look on his face watching me squirm and yell out some “nice” names. Poor thing didn’t know what to do, he wanted to help but we all know there was nothing he could do.

I seriously thought “how am I going to get through 3 hours of class like this?” We left and I took a little 10 minute nap on our way there. It made things less bothersome for me for a little bit.

Once we got there we ran into this wonderful couple from our childhood class and we sat next to them.

The class itself was very informative. We got to train with our little plastic dolls. I learned how to hold the baby on a football position, cross cradle and cradle positions too.

The instructor mention about PCOS and that delaying or slowing down the production of milk, which I read about in the past.

I of course had to go up to her and as her about it. Her first question was “did u have trouble conceiving?” Somehow that came across wrong to me but I tried not to take it personal. I said yes but that there was a problem from both sides.

She told me to just jump into bfing with both feed and see how it goes. She wrote down the name of 2 natural herbs that I can take to help with the production of milk. But not to start those herbs until the 3rd day after birth.

I’ll make sure to have those names saved somewhere and make sure to buy it so we have it at home.

We’re now in the process of separating all of the baby’s clothing and getting the tags off so we can wash them. Some people have told me to wait but I really don’t see the point of waiting. Why can’t is just be done already? If there’s a need to re-wash them then we will, otherwise they’re going to get done. PERIOD!

Maybe I’ll start on that tonight. We have to get some things organized in the nursery and I think it’s just about time to get it done.

This Thursday we have our first aid / CPR class. Tom and I are already certified for adult First Aid/CPR but not for infants and children. I think it would freak me out to have to perform that on a child. I would much rather prefer knowing about it already. Better safe than sorry, right??

Ohh also, I’m 32 weeks today. It’s very exciting!!! This baby is coming and before we know it it’s going to be time to go to the hospital.

I just can’t believe that in 8 weeks he’ll be here. I’m so excited. It’s just crazy!!!

Hormones are getting the best of me.

Today seems like it’s going to be one of those days that I’m going to be frustrated and offended by other people.

I don’t know what it is about some days. I think it’s all about how some people talk to me. It’s the tone of their voices or something but it just pisses me off.

Tom is having a very busy week at work this week and his fuse is really short with me. That means that my fuse will be even shorter than it already is. I wish yall “good luck” with me because it won’t be pretty.

I’ve called him a couple of times at work, for work related issues, and some that weren’t and he just snapped at me every single time. Of course that’s also when he answers it, because a lot of times he “doesn’t hear” my calls.

That on itself is very “interesting” because when we’re together and he has his work phone with him he hears everyone’s calls but when I’m not with him he misses a lot of my calls.
That so makes me wonder about what’s going to happen when I go into labor. I swear that if I have to hunt him down to let him know that I’m in labor and need his help, he’s going to be one sorry person.

I sure hope that today gets better. We have our breastfeeding class today and I really don’t want to spend 3 hours with him and a bunch of strangers when he’s in that kind of mood. It’s going to drive me nuts.

I think I should just try to go home and take a nap and stay as far away from him as possible.

Sounds horrible but that’s how I feel right now.

Anyway. That’s me venting and getting all of these pregnancy hormones out.

31 weeks down only 9 more to go!!!

We’ve hit 31 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! According to some of my books this is the beginning of the 8th month and that just sounds so scary to me.

Big 31 weeks Belly!!!

It’s hard to explain to people who the week counting works but I guess I don’t have to as long as I just say that I’m 8 months. Ah who cares?!

I’ve been feeling ok so far. I can’t complain of any Braxton Hicks yet since I’ve had none.  I can say that I’m scare to death of having them but nothing yet.

Tom and I have been taking our childbirth classes and we enjoy it. It’s nice talking to other pregnant woman face to face and knows what they’re going through as well.
We just finished talking about natural, drug free labor and once we meet again in 2 weeks we’ll go through the epidural and other drugs that can help with pain. That sounds more like what we’re going for than anything.

As far as pregnancy goes; I’ve been pretty swollen and that’s totally because of the heat. When we went to LA for the baby shower it was the first time in a long time that my feet looked normal. The second we drove into Fresno, my feet started to swell up.

This week we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy a nice swimming pool and it’s been wonderful. The water makes all the swelling go away and it just feels great. The only “complain” that I have is with by bbs.

I have no idea why but the moment I go into the water they hurt so bad. I think it’s because of the temperature change but man oh man it takes a while for them to get used to it and it can be a little painful.

I’ve also been quite sleepy lately. I guess it’s expected to happen. Everyday between 7:30am and 8:30am that my body just gets SO tired. I have to fight hard not to fall asleep at work.
I’m also having carpal tonal aches in my hands and it just sucks sometimes. But I know this is all temporary and at the end our little one will be here and it’s all worth it.

Yesterday we had an OB appointment and I’m once again measuring a couple of weeks ahead. When I say I’m measuring I mean my belly of course. My blood pressure had been going up slightly but nothing out of the norm for me. This last visit it was 132 over 84. Which I guess I’ve had this before and they’re not concerned at all.

Patryck’s heart beat was around 140’s and the nurse believes that he was facing down with his back towards my left side. As for weight gain, I don’t even want to talk about it. OMG I feel SO HUGE and FAT it’s not even funny.

Front view of my 31wks belly!!

I guess my total weight gain so far has been 20Lb. Now, with that being said, remember I lost about 6Lb in the beginning so I should be able to say that I’m only 14Lb up. Right? LOL

The nurses and doctors seem to like it and not be bothered by it so I should just accept the fact that I’m a whale and be happy with it. Right?
Tom was giving me a hard time because I jokingly said that I had to stop eating and he said “absolutely not, you have to feed our son.” WOW so protective and caring!!!! LOL

I just can’t believe that we only have 9 weeks to go. It just doesn’t seem real to me. I know this is weird to say and hear but I guess when you’ve tried to so long and had so many disappointments in life, it takes a while to accept the good. I guess that’s where I’m at right now.

I LOVE feeling him move around and I’m sure I’ll miss being pregnant once he’s here. I also know that I can’t wait for him to arrive and it just all of the sudden everything feels so real. So unbelievable. As if I’m still waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I guess we just need to start washing everything and get all of the little things that we might still need.

9 weeks and counting. WOW it’s a single digit count. Crazy!!!!!

Baby Shower and 3D/4D ultrasound!

We had our baby shower in LA and it was just wonderful.

I had to say that the week following up to it was a little stressful as we were having our floors cleaning and prepped but aside from that we had a great time.

For the first time we had to leave our dogs alone, outside of the house for more than 2 days and that was really stressing me out. It wasn’t only the fact that they were not really used to it but the fact that it was SO hot here. We planned on returning home on Sunday since the forecast said that it was supposed to be 104ºF or something like that. So we did and the dogs were just fine. Thank God.

Anyway, the baby shower.

The morning of the baby shower we had a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled and we had invited my parents, my brother and Tom’s dad to join us. Aside from us wanting to have this ultrasound done I really wanted our parents to experience the ultrasound part. I don’t think my parents ever actually been to one and I just thought it would be neat.

I can open my mouth!!

As usual my little brother was running late. The good thing was that I told him that to be there at 9am but the u/s wasn’t until 9:30am. I did that on purpose knowing that he would be late anyways. Which he was. LOL. My parents on the other hand were right on time, actually arriving a couple of minutes before us.

The ultrasound was awesome. It took a little while for some of them to get it (mostly my brothers) but they eventually did. Patryck wasn’t being very cooperative, which is the norm for him with ultrasounds and dopplers. He just doesn’t like them for some reason.

I love to have my hands in my face!!!

My cheeks are SO cute!!!!

After that, we headed over to the shower and I decided to help them as much as I could. While the man were in charge of setting up the tables and chair, I was in charge of prepping the fruit salad. LOL. It was cute to see them all so worried about me and offering me a chair and being all concerned about my well being. It was cute.

I finally headed home to get ready and arrived just before 2pm. Our very first guest was Matt. He’s Tom’s really good friend and old room-mate from college. We hadn’t seem him since our wedding and it was really nice of him to come to our shower.

The decorations of the shower were super adorable. The tables had blue cloths, with a stream of confetti running through the middle of the table. They decorated the entire room with balloons that were orange, blue and green. The same colors that we used on our invites and our nursery. Even the plates and the cups were that way. It was awesome.

Cake and sweets table!!

Our cake was made by my mom’s really good friend and she did a monkey for us. It looked awesome. There were also some cupcakes and other goodies on the table.

Our Monkey Cake!

The food was amazing too. Afterward I realized that I didn’t even eat much which didn’t make Tom happy but how could I? I was way too busy talking to people and just enjoying everyone.

The one chance I got to eat something. Delicious!!!

As for games we had a great time. Our first game was the bottle game. My mom got the boys involved on that one and it was just hilarious. The “worst” part of it is that they had beer inside of their bottles. LOL.
They each were a little bib that said something cute and they had to see who would drink the bottle faster. LOL


My sweet husband was the winner. It was so cute to watch. My dad and his friend were being a goof and were teasing each other more than anything, where’s my brother was trying so hard to squeeze that bottle and win and Tom was just focused and trying to win the game. Evidently he did. LOL

We also had the pinch the rice and pins game, the do not cross your legs/arms game and the guess how much candy is in the bottle game. Ohh we also had the find the baby’s name under your chair game. I might be forgetting something else but that’s what I can remember for now.
All in all we had SO much fun. I think and hope that everyone had a blast.

So happy!!!!

We got SO many great gifts. Our friends and family are so very generous I don’t even have the right words to say how thankful I am to have them all in our lives.

We got so many cute adorable things, we got a bassinet, a high chair, a pack n play, activity mat, a boppy pillow, lounger pillow, baby monitor, mobile, books, diapers, changing pads, creams & ointments, clothes, gift cards, money, you name it, we got it all. Not to mention the gits that we sent to us like the bouncing door way thing, the stroller and many other items.

I still have to write all my thank you cards but for those of you that do read my blog, THANK YOU!

Tom and I are so very thankful to have you in our lives. Patryck is really lucky to have you in his life too.

I truly hope that for those who were able to attend our shower that you had a great time. I know that I was super happy and excited to have you there. It meant a lot to us, it means a lot to us. Most if not all of you know what we’ve gone through to get where we are and we thank you for the moral, emotional and physical support you’ve given us. We will never forget it. I really mean it.