27wks and confirming Gestational Diabetes

27wks 4 days

Let’s first start with fun and exciting news. We had our last 3/4D ultrasound done the other day (it was a repeat ultrasound since the first time we went the girls weren’t behaving).

We had a wonderful tech and she was very kind and very patient. This time baby A was being the cooperative one and baby B kept hiding her face the entire time. But as you can see we got some great pictures of them both. This time around, the tech said that it appears as if both of them have hair. So I am just so very curious to see what they’ll look like in person.

My sweet girls. They are so perfect.

My sweet girls. They are so perfect.

I did my 1hr glucose test and I failed. They were looking for something under 139 and mine was 167.

I then did the 3hr glucose test (I HATE that one). And my results were:
fasting was 86 (70-94)
1hr was 167 (70-179)
2hr was 168 (70-154)
3hr was 148 (70-139)

Needless to say I did not pass the 2hr or the 3hr test. My doctor is still not concerned. I haven’t talked to him personally but from what I gathered he is not at all concerned and is blaming it all on me having 2 placentas and me already being insulin resistant to begin with.

Yesterday I had my first meeting with a dietician and she explained to me that she too is not worried about my levels just yet but that I will have a harder time with it the further along I get. The way she explained it was that the bigger the placentas get the more hormones they release, making it more difficult for the insulin to travel and causing my blood sugar to spike.

She then showed me how to test my sugar and how often I should check them. Since I failed the 2hr test I have to test my sugars 2hrs after each meal. I did go home with a fancy little machine that reads all the levels and stores it all for me.

I have a beautiful list of foods to eat and not to eat and how to pair them up. It’s funny because there’s a lot more eating involved, just in smaller portions. I guess I better get used to it.

I am still a bit confused as of when my third trimester starts so I guess I won’t be saying that I’m there yet.

What I can say is that my doctor has set a date for my maternity leave to start. November 15th is my last working day then I have to take it easy. Taking it easy won’t be an easy task but I will do whatever it takes to keep my girls safe.