Through Thick and Thin 13 years


Thirteen years ago today I went on a date with this very tall, handsome man. We met at face to face at Starbucks and he asked me out to a movie in the most gentle way possible and even suggested I brought along my brother and his gf so I would feel more safe.

There we were, a Polish white man and a Brazilian Latin woman. Our romance started and it was intense. I think we both knew it from the very beginning.

Our relationship has been unique from the start. When we were together, without anyone else, it felt like we were invincible, there was nothing in the world that could tear us apart.
But unfortunately life wasn’t that simple.

We had many obstacles to face, we had forces working tirelessly against us in order to break us apart. It almost worked a couple of times but we were resilient and we knew that if we stayed together we could get through anything.

We honestly thought that those were the hardest days of our lives.

Little did we know that the hardest days were still ahead of us.

Like many couples, we wanted to expand our family but once again, it wasn’t that simple or that easy. Infertility hit us hard. I always say that we are the Perfect Infertile couple. Someone has to laugh about it so why not us.


If you have been fortunate to not suffer through infertility, then please count your blessings. Aside from the financial struggles, this disease attacks every aspect of your being. It makes you question EVERYTHING and worst yet, it isolates you. But miraculously instead of tearing us apart it brought us even closer to each other and it somehow mended some broken relationships.

For sure those had to be the worst we could ever have to face, right? Wrong again.

We experienced death in our family in the most traumatic way. Suicide.

That has to be the one thing that shook us in a way that can not be explained. It has changed us in a way that has yet to make sense and I hope that it will be for the better one day. Somehow in the midst of this darkness we were able to find out who our true friends were and we even managed to make amazing friends because of it.

Our marriage has been challenged in many different ways, and I have been punched in the gut more times than I wish I had. But our love for each other has stayed strong.
We are a very simple couple, we are humble and we don’t need much to make us happy.

Because of so many adventures in our lives, we don’t have too many local friends and we have found the best of friends within each other. I absolutely Love that.

So, where am I going with this? Marriage is a lot of work. It sure it. But with love and respect for one another we can get through anything. Even through the darkest of times, as long as we lean on each other and see things as our issues, as our problems, then we can conquer the world.

I have been very blessed to have found someone who loves me for who I am.

I have never experienced love like this. There were always comments about my weight or how I look and I found someone that just loves me the way the I am. My husband’s main concern isn’t about the number on my scale, it is about how happy I am with who I am. My husband takes all of me, the good and the bad and I am very grateful for that.

So honey, I love you. You are my best friend and I know that at times we drive each other completely insane, but I know that at the end of the day, there is no one I would rather fight through all of this than you.

13 years ago today, a boy met a girl and asked her out. 11 years ago today we said YES in front of God and all of our friends. I steel do babe. Love, your Koala.