Eventfull week and 29wks pregnancy!

So much has happened this week. Where to begin? Let’s see.

First off, we’re 29 weeks!!!! YAY!!!

Our baby keeps on growing , baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I think so.

We had our very first baby shower this past Saturday. My nice co-workers put it together for me, it was very touching and thoughtful of them and I’m so grateful.

We got primarily clothes and although I haven’t been able to put them away yet, they are SO cute.

One of the ladies that works with Tom (remember Tom and I work for the same company) made our cake. It is a beautiful cake and I was so touched when she wrote “You’re the baby of our dreams” on the cake. Here’s a little picture of it.

Baby shower cake!

Hubby & I enjoying our cake!

Now, this week had been and will continue to be a crazy one for us. Yesterday we had our very first childbirth class and I loved it. It’s a series of 6 classes, plus a couple of other ones that we’ve signed up for and I’m so excited.

We had to introduce ourselves and talk about our pregnancy and all. Me being the dork that I am, said more than enough and shared that this is not our first pregnancy but that it is our first baby. You know, the basic, went through IF and blah, blah, blah.

During our first break, this sweet, cute couple comes up to us and shares with us that they too went through IF due to cancer and it was so very touching. We talked about our doctor (since we had the same RE) and laughed. I’m hoping we’ll get to know each other better and are able to share this third trimester together.

Our group is made of 10 couples and aside from me, there’s only one other couple that is not due in August. Tom and I are the only ones in Sept and then there’s another lady who is due in Oct.|
The other funny thing is that out of the 10 people, 7 of them are having girls and 2 boys. There’s a brave couple that is keeping it a surprise. The boys are WAY outnumbered. LOL.

The lady teaching the class is awesome. Aside from the fact that she’s been doing so for the past 26 years, she’s also a former doula and a former lactation consultant. I just found that to be awesome.

Anyway, on the pregnancy side of things. I’m getting tired faster again and my feet occasionally swollen in the morning and ALWAYS swollen at night. It gets to be quite painful sometimes. I don’t like it one bit.
Aside from that, heartburn, problem sleeping and those beautiful stretch marks………I’m good so far.

Ohh yeah, did I mention that I passed my 3 hour glucose test?? Yes I did. I’ve started taking some iron supplements and so far so good. Anything to keep the little one safe.

We have our second baby shower this Saturday and it’s going to be crazy. Today we’re getting our floors cleaned at home. Then we have to stay off our floors as much as possible today and tomorrow. Then on Friday we have them coming back to seal the floors (we have aggregate flooring). Then we’re headed to LA since we’re not allowed to stay in the house after the sealant goes on the floor.

It’s going to be the first time our little ones (aka dogs) sleep outside and the first time we leave them alone for 2 nights. As you can see it’s an adjustment for me too. LOL

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the baby shower. We have an amazing friend helping throw the shower and I’m just so happy to have her. We’re truly very blessed.

More after the shower then!!


28 Weeks Belly Pictures

Here are some updated belly pics!!!

28 weeks belly

Yes, I'm tire, bloated and fat. Welcome to being pregnant!

YAY for 28 weeks!

28 weeks and stressing out

We’ve hit the 28 week mark and I’m excited about that. According to Mr.Google if our baby were to be born today it has a 90% chance of survival and that makes me SO happy.

It’s strange being an IF patient and being pregnant. We think of so many things that could go wrong and we’re always preparing ourselves for the worst. Sometimes we just know too much and that’s just not good.

As for the pregnancy front, I had my 1 hour glucose test done on June 4th and I FAILED it. It just sucks. My nurse told me that the cut off numbers were below 130 and I scored a 144. I had to do the 3 hour glucose test.

It wasn’t fun at all. I arrived at 7am and they made me wait until 7:58 to do the first, fasting, draw. The first two draws weren’t bad, the third was a pain in the behind…….ohh did I mentioned that they wanted to do all of the draws from the same arm? Yep, it hurt quite a bit. The fourth and final draw started on the same arm and then moved on to the other one. It hurt more than I thought it would.

Now I have pretty bruises on both arms to prove it. Afterwards Tom and I went to breakfast and then do run some errands.

I’ve been pretty stressed out this week. First with the glucose test, which I’m still waiting for the results. Should be getting it today, hopefully. Then with some other personal drama that just hit me pretty hard.

Then yesterday I found out that I might have a huge crises with our baby shower.  The person that is hosting it, doesn’t know if she’ll be able to make it to the shower. WHAT?

I’m not sure how to say this any other way……she’s the one taking care of everything and now she doesn’t know if she’ll make it there? Seriously? My heart just sunk.

We have people coming over and we don’t know if there will be any food, decorations and a host?

Needless to say I became very emotional and upset about this. Everyone is telling me to just relax and that everything is going to work itself out. I just can’t do that. I have to have a backup plan in case she doesn’t show up.

As always, Tom is being a wonderful, sweet, husband. Yesterday  I caught him checking online how to throw a baby shower. We’re going to look at some things in town after his doctor’s appointment today to have an idea of what we’ll need to get in case we have to step it up to the plate.

See, I’m a very organized type of person. I like lists, plans, ideas. I want things to be prepared ahead of time and things to be just ready to go. I guess not everyone is like that and I understand that but now that the ball might be on my side of the court I’ll have to think about it and see what’s needed to get done.

I’m just a stress case right now and I really don’t like this feeling.

Memorial Day Weekend and 26 weeks!

25wks 4 days. Photo by Tom Bocianski. aka huby

We didn’t have any big plans for this weekend but I know that I was looking forward to spending some time with my sweet husband.

We ended up doing much more than I anticipated. On Saturday we were bored at home and decided to go to town. We did some shopping for the baby shower. We got some shower favors and of course since we were at Michales’ we had to get some things for my scrapbooking, so we did.

Then I asked Tom to bare with me and go looking for a dress for the shower. I tried on some clothes and I ended up finding something that I loved. The problem was that so did Tom. He’s such a trooper and wonderful husband. He really like this one dress and he bought me that so I could wear at the other shower that I have. Isn’t he lovely?!

I tried to find some shoes but I had no luck. Apparently my feet grew a whole size. I’m not talking about being swollen, of course it is, I’m talking length too. I’m just in shock. My feet are just huge (Tom doesn’t think so).

I had this idea about segregating an area in our backyard for the dogs. Well, there we went to Lowes for that. Spend money that we don’t have. On the bright side of this, we’re reusing some items that were given to us so we’re actually saving over $400 on this project. That’s great, isn’t it?!

On Sunday Tom decided to take me to the Japanese garden that is at a nearby park. He knows that I love taking pictures and knew that it would keep me occupied.

At the Japanese Garden

We had a great time, afterward I took him to one of his favorite places. Cold Stones!!! Nothing like some ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Tom had to work on Memorial Day so I knew that I would be on my own. I started cleaning our room. As always, it became a project much bigger than I anticipated. I ended up clearing up all the drawers, rearranging furniture and deep cleaning it.

I had to wait for Tom to get home and move our bed. We have that temperputic mattress and it is SO HEAVY to move it. I wouldn’t even attempt to try and move it. He had to do it.
We talked about switching sides of the bed once Patryck arrives, because of spacing and distance from the nursery. I wanted to be closer to the nursery and it’s just more practical.  Well, yesterday was the day. We finally switched side. It’s strange but I’m sure it will all work out eventually.

Today I’m 26 wks pregnant and man oh man can I feel that. Because of all the hard work yesterday my back was SOOO sore and today I woke up all swollen. My fingers looked like little sausages. It was hilarious looking.

Yesterday was somewhat of an emotional day.  We all know how bad the economy is and how life hasn’t been easy for most of us. We’re in the same boat. Today it hit Tom more than usual and in return it hit me too. It’s hard for me to see him upset and frustrated when I can’t do anything about it.

I like fixing things and if I could I would just go find another job and make more money. Who is going to hire me right now? Exactly.

I’m trying to stay positive and be grateful of everything that we do have, not the things that we don’t.

I know that it’s going to be really hard when I go on maternity leave, I know how much our bills are and it’s going to be hard. But the reality of it is that there’s nothing we can do about it now. So, I’m focusing on the positive.


I’m pregnant, I have a great husband who really loves and cares about me, I love my doggies and we have a home. The rest doesn’t matter. We’re healthy and we have each other. We’ll figure out things as they come. OMG did I really just say that?? I’m the kind of person that HAS TO plan and look ahead but I’m trying to live on the now and worry about tomorrow later.

So, honey, I know that things are not as we dreamed of, but we have each other and our little bundle of joy coming our way. Let’s focus on that. Let’s remember how happy we can make each other and how much happiness Patryck will add to that. I love you.