Feeling something and bruising


On October 22nd, the evil witch showed her face. But unlike any other time, I was glad that she was here.

My cycles have been pretty steady for the most part, but of course once you say that out loud (or at least it feels that way for me) something happens and everything goes crazy.

So, CD1 was on Oct 22nd. I went in on the 24th for an ultrasound. Thankfully everything looked beautiful and we were given the green light to start our cycle. I was ordered to start my shots on CD5 (Friday 10/26). The plan is to take 75IU of Menopur in the morning and then 50IU of Follistim at night.

This doctor wants the shots to be at the same time everyday and 12 hours apart from the AM to the PM shots. As for right now, I’m doing 7am and then again at 7pm. I won’t lie to you, keeping those times has proven to be a little of a challenge. Something always happens that I’m then running to get them done. Specially the 7pm one.

I think that because I get so occupied with Patryck and the house work that it feel like time is running out…………..i was a 4o minutes late for my shot yesterday. Do I think that it will make a huge difference? No, not really, but I don’t like not being a compliant patient.

I have a busy week this week (personally). I have my dreadful dentist tomorrow. The entire family is going in for a cleaning and Patryck will have his first dentist appointment. I sure hope that everything will go ok and that he won’t freak out on us.

Then on wednesday, is halloween, I have my appointment at 7:45am. I’m getting an ultrasound and bloodwork done. I sure hope that things are going as they should in there. I have been feeling a little sore in there and I hope that i’m not overstimming or something like that.

I’m also hoping that everything works out where Tom will be in town for the IUI. It’s been a little strange not having him home from time to time, but not having him present during TTC appointment and IUI is an entire new ball game for me.

I hope it all works out.

The other unfortunate part is that he will be gone for the entire, dreadful, 2WW.
He’s going overseas and then once he gets back we are taking a mini vacation to the ocean to visit a dear friend of ours. I miss her to pieces and haven’t seen her in a while.

Well that’s it for now.

So to recap, I’m on Baby Aspirin, Prenatal Vits, 1000mg Metformin, 75IU Menopur and 50IU Follistim. Not much, right?? LOL


Getting back in the game

I started this blog when Tom and I decided to try and get pregnant after our first angel baby.

Our son is 2 years old and we are itching to start trying again. I know that I don’t want to make this “public” and have our family and friends aware of what we are doing. It is not that we don’t trust them, or that we don’t appreciate all of the support that they have given us throughout this process.

It is just that this time, we want to take it easy. I think that when i have everyone aware, I put way too much pressure on myself and I end up stressing out.

So, if you’re a friend or a family member and are reading this…………lets just pretend that you know nothing about this and that way I’ll believe that no one knows.

Writing for me is very therapeutic and it helps me relax so much. Writing a blog while going through this journey is a must and I can’t even consider not doing this even when we are considering starting over.

So, what have we done so far?

We met up with a new RE since we moved to another state and all.

I have to say that Dr.C is very sweet and he really put me at ease during our first meet and great. I (of course) had all of my records with me and had written down every detail of the 6 IUI treatments that we did.

I thought that it was hilarious that he only glanced at the actual medical records and couldn’t stop reading all of my notes. That showed me that he trusts his patients and listens to them. That of course put me at ease as well.

The game plan is to exhaust my annual IF drug allowance and then once AF shows up I can start treatments again. Dr.C is following the same protocol that worked for us last time. He said “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. I couldn’t agree more with him.

It’s been a little stressful getting the right pharmacy and the right amount of medication but I think I got it now.

Today I spoke with his nurse again and we have a handle on what we are going to order for now.

This is all very exciting yet, very nerve wrecking to me.

You know when people tell you that “Ignorance is a bliss”. I couldn’t agree more. BUT that only works when nothing goes wrong with your plan.

I’m the type of person that like to know everything and we all know that with Infertility that is not possible at all.

So, am I going to actually going to have an IUI this year??? I have no idea. I’m waiting for the evil witch to arrive and then I’ll go in for a baseline ultrasound and see from there.

The protocol that we are going to use will be 50IU of Follistim and 75IU of Menopur. I’ll be pricking myself twice a day again (yeah, not really looking forward to it ). But as we all know, if that means that I’ll have a beautiful miracle at the end of it, all of the pain, suffering and anxiety is well worth it.

What scares me the most about trying again is the unknown as well as everything that could possibly go wrong even after we do get pregnant. I know too much, I read too much and that is always a problem for me.

But, I’ll try my best to stay positive and only have positive thoughts. We shall see how that goes.