Catching up and Pregnancy progress

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I have posted but life has been busy.

Long story short, the husband was gone for over 6 weeks and being pregnant, having a toddler and getting strep throat kind of put a dent on things and made it a little harder to handle, but we survived. Wow what has happened since my last post? So so much.

I’m still pregnant, Thank you Lord.

This pregnancy has been a little more difficult than our singleton one. That is to be expected of course.

I did bleed for a while, I think it’s only been a month since I haven’t bled anymore (knock on wood). The reasoning behind the bleeding for me is my low lying placenta. As of last ultrasound, the placenta is no longer lying on top of my cervix, BUT it’s still pretty low, so they’re going to keep a close eye on me!!

We have had many ultrasounds and we are having TWO GIRLS!!! YAY!!

Our last ultrasound was just this past week, I was 18wks and 4 days. Both girls are measuring right on track, they each have 3 vessel cords, 4 chamber hearts, 2 livers, plenty fluids and were both measuring at about 9oz each. All goo things from what i hear from the doctor.

The husband and I have been planning the nursery and we are planning on painting it soon. Why so early you ask? Well, because of my placenta, I won’t want to wait too long and then God forbid I go on bedrest and I can’t be a part of it or help at all.

My doctor seems to think that I won’t be working past November because of my placenta, we shall see. In any case, I did the right thing and have informed my boss and co-workers about it.

As far as the pregnancy itself. I feel baby A a lot more than B. Apparently baby B’s placenta is anterior so I don’t get to feel her as much, but I sure feel baby A.

I do seem to get tired so much faster, it’s ridiculous. Another thing that has been happening recently is the light headness and dizness. My doctor says it’s pretty normal but if I pass out I have to let him know.

I go back to see my doctor in two weeks (which I’m glad is so often because I worry so much) and they are going to try and confirm baby A’s gender since this last ultrasound was hard to see. I won’t fight them for that. I LOVE ultrasounds.

In any case, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’m going to try and be more frequent.

Here are my girls.

Please meet Izabella

Please meet Izabella



Please meet Maya Ellena

Please meet Maya Ellena