IVF here I come

The husband and I needed a little break from this chaos and we did just that.

We had a little trip to England and we were able to forget about treatment for at least 10 days. I know that sounds silly but it’s a lot while you’re doing treatments. So now we are back and ready to rumble.


Before we left we got all our tests and everything done in order to start IVF once we got back. (you know the basics, disease control, SIS, RPL tests, Chromosomal tests to make sure I’m a normal female, and the day 3 blood work, amh, estradiol and one more that I can’t think of)

Today Aunt Flow showed up and it is CD1 for me. I’m going in tomorrow for my baseline ultrasound and to have a little class on how to give myself a muscular shot. YIKES!

I got all of my meds in on Saturday and it was quite a bit. (see for yourselves)


I have a lot of different emotions going on at the same time. A big part of me is not doubting that this is going to work but it is doubting that it’s going to stick and stay healthy. After so many losses I’m just so scared that I don’t know what to believe anymore.

So, here’s to a good appointment tomorrow and hoping that all goes well through this IVF procedure.