Merry Christmas !!

Christmas 2010

This the season to be Jolly, la la la la la la la la……..

What a huge difference one year can make in our lives. It’s just amazing.

This time last year we were in such a limbo……….so sad to have lost our angel baby and so unsure that we would ever become parents.

So very different now. Our beautiful son is here and we couldn’t be happier. There is NOTHING that I wanted more than to hold our son in my arms this Christmas.

We are very fortunate to have my parents living with us and my mom taking care of our son while I return to work. So with that being said, my in-laws HAD to come spend Christmas with us.

As we did last year, we had the Polish Christmas on Dec 24th and the Brasilian Christmas on the 25th.

Patryck did great. There were a lot of arms around to hold him and entertain him so he was very happy.

He got a few gifts this year. This year hasn’t been easy for anyone so I knew not to expect a lot of gifts. But truthfully he could care less and is very content with the ones he got.

My parents got him a mobile that plays for 20 minutes and has very animated characters, this little toy that squeals funny voices and some clothes.

My in-laws got him a couple of teether and rattlers as well as this take along music box that he likes a lot. Ohh and a couple clothes too.

Santa (aka mommy and daddy) got him a stroller strap on toy, a couple of clothes, socks and an exersaucer.

Our son already has a favorite color, which is GREEN! So, we had to get him an exersaucer that had a lot of green and the one we got is a frog………so it’s green!

For Christmas Eve, Patryck wore a Santa outfit and he looked so precious.

The most HANDSOME Santa of all !

For Christmas day we had a more relaxed outfit for him. Just a little white jumper with little Christmas figurines and that said “My First Christmas”

All and all we were the happiest anyone could ever be.

At times i would look at our son and my eyes would tear up and joy would fill my body and soul.

I often heard my husband telling me how happy he was and how Patryck is the best Christmas gift we’ve ever had.

They only thing that I wish could have happened was for people to understand that Patryck is a miracle. that having him here is a miracle and that it wasn’t easy.

So, when people ask me “when is the next one?” that it isn’t that easy.

My body is not “warmed up” for babies and I can just have another one at anytime. I often find myself wishing for a miracle……..for natural conecption but I KNOW that such miracle is nearly impossible. I’m aware of it and I’ve accepted it. I just wish I didn’t have to explain to people over and over again………..specially those who are closest to us.

Ok, that was my venting there for a second.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time and a very Merry Christmas to allĀ  !!!!