Meeting a New OBGYN !!!

My Twinkies!!

My Twinkies!!

Since we moved to Indiana I have seen an OB but she is local to me and she only delivers at the hospital close by that does not have a NICU, for me that means that I would have to look for a different doctor that would deliver at a hospital with a NICU.

I had this thought even before I new I was carrying twins. Why do you ask? Well, because Patryck was born at almost 39wks and he had to be hospitalized, I wouldn’t take the risk of delivering somewhere without the support of a NICU and risk my baby having to be moved to a different hospital and I having to stay behind.

Now, with twins, that is going to be impossible to even consider.

I asked around all my co-workers and friends who their OB was and how much they liked them. I even asked nurses.

I got 2 names to go with, that came with really high recommendations. One of them is a Neonatal Doctor as well and an OB and the second doctor is a regular OB with adorable bed side manners.

Since I am carrying twins I thought I would see the high risk doctor and see how I felt and get his perspective. I was hooked. He is awesome and I’m going to stick with him. I have canceled my other appointment because I already like him too much.

Anyways, during my appointment, I got a routine ultrasound. There they were. Baby A and Baby B………looking beautiful. It’s just amazing to see. Of course I still had that internal ultrasound and I was mentioned to the tech how my left ovary is hard to get to. She decided to do a scan above my belly and believe it or not, it was so much easier to the babies that way than with the internal ultrasound.

Baby A = 9wks2D HB=174

Baby A = 9wks2D HB=174

Baby B - 9wks1D- HB=182

Baby B – 9wks1D- HB=182

I asked her how come that was possible and her response was because I was probably carrying high and out. I’m still not sure what that means, but what the heck, I don’t really care.

THen I got to meet with the doctor. He is very nice, VERY informative and very confident of himself. Not in a bad way, just confident.

He already brought up Gestational Diabetes as a topic. He told me he wasn’t trying to scare me but he wanted me to be prepared for it because I have 2 placentas in there and that for me not to get too upset if it happens.

We also talked about my blood pressure and he doesn’t seem concerned with it. He believes that what happened with Patryck’s pregnancy was just because it was my first pregnancy but he will keep an eye on it of course.

He wants to see me in two weeks just to make sure that everything is still ok and to give me piece of mind.

How can I not like this doctor already ? LOVE IT!!!