Walt Disney World and Patryck is 2 yrs old!

We took Patryck to WDW for his second birthday. I had a lot of people tell me how he was not going to be able to remember anything, so what was the point?!

Well, I have to say this, although he might not remember anything, I have to say that Tom and I sure will.

And besides that we know that he truly enjoyed every second of every day there.

Even the bus drives to and from the parks were an excitement for him. I understand people’s reservations about it but watching his reactions to every little thing that he saw and experienced was just priceless.

Patryck is utterly in love with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Mostly Donald, which for us it is so funny and strange considering our business and the fact that he has only seen a duck once at a pet store or something.

The highlights for me was really all about his excitement when he got to see Donald and Mickey for the very first time. And the little things that would get him so very excited. He does this thing when he’s very excited, he kind of cover his mouth/face with both hands and has this huge smile on his face.

it is the most adorable thing you will ever see. He did this plenty of times and to watch it and get to experience things through his eyes was just something that we will never be able to express and recreate. I’m sure that Tom and I will never, ever forget these memories and all of the fun things that we got to do.

So, moms and dads out there that are considering if they should take their little ones to Disney World, if it’s worth it or not?

Well, the answer would be:   HELL YES !!!!!!

The pointers I have to give you would be the following: Pack light (which I didn’t), shop at the local stores for snacks and such, do purchase the dinning plan that Disney offers. It is well worth it, purchase the “If Lost” tattoos for your kiddos to wear. We got those for Patryck and we only used 2 of them, only because I wanted a different design after a while, and we got plenty of comments and complements on them and being prepared parents. 🙂
What we also did was purchase little items from the dollar store that were Disney related and Patryck got to open a gift from Mickey every morning when he woke up. Even when it was just something as simple as a package of crayons, he LOVED IT! and we got to see that excited expression in his face that is just priceless.

I’m going to try my best and try to list everything that we did and the little “tricks” for things. And if anyone can benefit from them it will be wonderful!!!!

Ok, I have to go pick up my handsome boy from daycare!!!

I’ll be posting pictures of our trip/celebration soon. There are so many of them. I have not yet been able to go trough them all and select some to post.


Ohhh forgot to say. We can’t wait to go back to Disney!!!!