Memorial Day Weekend and 26 weeks!

25wks 4 days. Photo by Tom Bocianski. aka huby

We didn’t have any big plans for this weekend but I know that I was looking forward to spending some time with my sweet husband.

We ended up doing much more than I anticipated. On Saturday we were bored at home and decided to go to town. We did some shopping for the baby shower. We got some shower favors and of course since we were at Michales’ we had to get some things for my scrapbooking, so we did.

Then I asked Tom to bare with me and go looking for a dress for the shower. I tried on some clothes and I ended up finding something that I loved. The problem was that so did Tom. He’s such a trooper and wonderful husband. He really like this one dress and he bought me that so I could wear at the other shower that I have. Isn’t he lovely?!

I tried to find some shoes but I had no luck. Apparently my feet grew a whole size. I’m not talking about being swollen, of course it is, I’m talking length too. I’m just in shock. My feet are just huge (Tom doesn’t think so).

I had this idea about segregating an area in our backyard for the dogs. Well, there we went to Lowes for that. Spend money that we don’t have. On the bright side of this, we’re reusing some items that were given to us so we’re actually saving over $400 on this project. That’s great, isn’t it?!

On Sunday Tom decided to take me to the Japanese garden that is at a nearby park. He knows that I love taking pictures and knew that it would keep me occupied.

At the Japanese Garden

We had a great time, afterward I took him to one of his favorite places. Cold Stones!!! Nothing like some ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Tom had to work on Memorial Day so I knew that I would be on my own. I started cleaning our room. As always, it became a project much bigger than I anticipated. I ended up clearing up all the drawers, rearranging furniture and deep cleaning it.

I had to wait for Tom to get home and move our bed. We have that temperputic mattress and it is SO HEAVY to move it. I wouldn’t even attempt to try and move it. He had to do it.
We talked about switching sides of the bed once Patryck arrives, because of spacing and distance from the nursery. I wanted to be closer to the nursery and it’s just more practical.  Well, yesterday was the day. We finally switched side. It’s strange but I’m sure it will all work out eventually.

Today I’m 26 wks pregnant and man oh man can I feel that. Because of all the hard work yesterday my back was SOOO sore and today I woke up all swollen. My fingers looked like little sausages. It was hilarious looking.

Yesterday was somewhat of an emotional day.  We all know how bad the economy is and how life hasn’t been easy for most of us. We’re in the same boat. Today it hit Tom more than usual and in return it hit me too. It’s hard for me to see him upset and frustrated when I can’t do anything about it.

I like fixing things and if I could I would just go find another job and make more money. Who is going to hire me right now? Exactly.

I’m trying to stay positive and be grateful of everything that we do have, not the things that we don’t.

I know that it’s going to be really hard when I go on maternity leave, I know how much our bills are and it’s going to be hard. But the reality of it is that there’s nothing we can do about it now. So, I’m focusing on the positive.


I’m pregnant, I have a great husband who really loves and cares about me, I love my doggies and we have a home. The rest doesn’t matter. We’re healthy and we have each other. We’ll figure out things as they come. OMG did I really just say that?? I’m the kind of person that HAS TO plan and look ahead but I’m trying to live on the now and worry about tomorrow later.

So, honey, I know that things are not as we dreamed of, but we have each other and our little bundle of joy coming our way. Let’s focus on that. Let’s remember how happy we can make each other and how much happiness Patryck will add to that. I love you.



  1. EncouragedEgg · June 1, 2010

    Thanks for your kind words! I am following your journey and am excited for you. Also helped to read your words about taking things as they come. We had to postpone our transfer today due to OHSS, and I am trying to just have patience. (and mope just a little.) 🙂

  2. Baby Changing Table · June 11, 2010

    This is a awesome write-up, im happy I came across this. Ill be back again later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  3. 21reena · June 11, 2010

    1st: you look awesome!
    2nd: what a fun, fantstic and productive weekend!
    3rd: great positive outlook!!!!!! we all should be thinking that way!

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