24 weeks – Feeling tired and dizzy spells

This past Sunday the family and I went to the big city to get a 3/4D ultrasound and to do some shopping.

Although it’s quite a drive, the weather is still good and it was nice to do something different once in a while. Of course, the babies were not being so cooperative, so that wasn’t helpful at all.

None the less, we double checked and we are still having girls. I don’t know what it is that I’m always so worried and want to make sure that it doesn’t change.

The technician was hilarious, she asked me if I had lots of back pain, to which I responded “yes” and she said that the way that baby A is located is probably what’s causing it, as well as the fact that she’s riding my bladder. Baby B was up really high and hiding under my rib cage. She said that baby B was probably the one causing my heartburn problems. LOL

Both babies were looking so big, I loved watching them. Unfortunately they were both turned back to us and although we tried a lot to have them turn, it just wasn’t 100% successful. Baby A refused to do that. We were only able to get a couple of shots of her face and they were somewhat in motion. That means that I get to go back, free of charge, and have this redone. YAY

Izabella @ 24wks1day aka baby A

Izabella @ 24wks1day
aka baby A

Maya Ellena @24wks1day aka Baby B

Maya Ellena @24wks1day
aka Baby B


As far as doctor’s appointments, I had one done today. I guess I’m putting on 1lb a wk of weight and that scares me, but my doctor seems to be happy with that. He looked at the girls real quick and said that they are both measuring at about 1.5lbs each. So awesome to hear that.

We talked about my c-section and my reaction to the white staples (they came out like zits with Patryck. It didn’t hurt but I thought I would let him know) and we talked about him being around for the holidays.  He said that he is Super happy with how things are going with me and that he believes that I’ll make it until January. He said that he has rarely seen two previas like mine and the fact that they have moved so much has really been incredible.

I guess I didn’t know how bad it really was. I am glad that things are going well then. I also talked to him about dizzy spells, which I’ve been having lots of and he said that they are not harmful but for me to be careful and let him know if it gets worse. My bloodpressure was good so that’s always good news.

I get to go back in a couple of week for another check up and to have my GD test done. I am no looking forward to that and here’s hoping that it goes well so I don’t have to repeat it. (Insert wishful thinking).


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