Second Ultrasound………and playing tricks on me already.

I had our ultrasound yesterday (6/26) and as always I was SUPER nervous. I mean, really, really nervous.

My bp was 130/88 which it’s not too bad but it’s still high.

Unfortunately Tom was not able to go with me as he is out of the country with work. 😦  Yet he was able to talk to me and keep me calm throughout the process. He’s amazing.

So, there I was, sitting at the table and waiting for my turn. Doc comes in and asks me how I’m doing. Of course I tell him that I’m super nervous and I hope that the babies are still there. He tells me to try and breath and lets take a look.

So, my usual ultrasound tech wasn’t there, which made me nervous, but I have to trust the doc so there I go.

The ultrasound starts and I saw baby A, i couldn’t see the heart beat but at least I got a glimpse of the baby. Then she moved to baby B and was looking around for what it felt like FOREVER. Doc looked worried, he said to me, well, maybe he stopped growing. Of course, as soon as he said that, the tech found him (I’m guessing on the gender here).

There he was, baby B was just playing hide and seek with us. Ai ai ai

So, now that we saw both babies and their little hearts beating away we were ready to do the measurements. So since baby B gave us the most trouble we started with him.

Baby B was measuring at 8wks and 3 days and with a heart rate of 167 bpm!!! Looking beautiful. Such a difference from 112 from last time.

Baby B 8w3D

Baby A was measuring at 8wks and 4 days and with a heart rate of 180 bpm!!! Also looking beautiful of course.


Baby A 8w4D

It was amazing how different the heart beats were between each baby. It was crazy.

They were not moving around, which I’m guessing it’s because they were asleep.

So, with all of that, doc took me to his office. He told me that I can resume my normal activities, pick our son up, do the baby dance, whatever.

I can stop the estrogen patches as of today and I am to take the progesterone until I am 10wks. Which is exactly in 10 days. But who is counting, right??? lol

I have graduated from my RE and I can now see a regular OB. We talked about which OB for me to see and he is referring me to Dr.Wheeler who is a specialist in town and very well known. We shall see how it goes.

I have my first meeting/appointment with him on July 1st, so we shall see how that’s going to go.

My sweet RE reminded me of our frozen embryos and told me how much “easier” that would be versus a full IVF process. I think Tom would flip out if I even suggested the idea of more kids right now. LOL



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