First Ultrasound Update

I’m sorry I haven’t posted but I’m been pretty busy lately. My sweet husband is out of town for work and it’s been busy without him around.

So, anyways.

We had our first ultrasound with our RE on June 12th. When we got there I could barely breathe. I’m not even kidding you. I don’t remember breathing AT ALL.

They called  me in, took my weight (as a part of the torture process) and then she brought in the little blood pressure machine. I told her that it probably wasn’t a good idea because I was sure it was going to be through the roof. She took it and said that it was high but never told me the numbers.

Our wonderful RE walked in and asked if I was ready. I told him that I was so nervous that my heart was beating a million beats per minute and I just needed to know that there was a baby in there. He gave me the, “let’s just keep our hopes up” speech. you know, that really doesn’t help at times like these.

So, there we were, the ultrasound wand and I were about to meet. She moved it around and we saw a beautiful sac there and the doc said right away that there was a heartbeat. Then she moved it and there it was, a second sac. I immediately started crying, not like crazy crying, but tears were running down my face.

He told me to breath and told me that now we were going to be measuring them. Yes, he said THEM.

Our beautiful babies

Our beautiful babies

Baby A was measuring 6wks and 2 days with a heart rate of 112. Baby B was measuring 6wks 4 days with a heart rate of 120.

The sac for baby A looked a little smaller but my RE said that it was normal and for me not to worry about it. We got to hear their hearts beating and everything. Needless to say it was just amazing.

We talked about my spotting and doc doesn’t seem concerned about it. I asked about vanishing twins and he said that although there’s a 7% chance of that happening, that he was pretty confident that our twins looked great and he wasn’t worried about it.

Our estimated due date is February 2, 2014 but he tells me that with twins full term is 38wks, which would put us in January 19th.

I can NOT believe that I have two babies in there. WOWZA!

Our next appointment is on June 26th, I’ll be 8wks and 3 days then. Here’s PRAYING that both of them are still there and doing well.

Please say a prayer for us.

BTW: My sweet husband was there with me of course. I was so busy crying and staring at the screen that I didn’t have time to turn around to look at him. Next thing I know, I hear the doctor telling him that if he wants he can come closer to record the ultrasound. So Tom stood up and moved closer. He got everything on video and I’m SO GLAD that he did. Tom is so excited about this, it is so beautiful to see.




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  1. kjbaybeee · June 21, 2013

    Hello. I was just searching under twins and found your post! I am about three weeks ahead of you. We will be 12 weeks on Saturday. This is our first set of twins and we got pregnant on birth control. We already have a 16 & 8 year olds – boy and girl – so we were done. Six weeks we found out an life’s been overwhelming. I am a nervous wreck with being pregnant and just the future in general. Congratulations to you guys. I’ve been worried just like you since I’ve had complications too so I hold my breath every ultrasound. Stay in touch!

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