Beta #3


Last week I had requested another beta test because I can not just wait around and not know what is going on in there.

Well, it’s a good thing I did, because what do you know, yesterday I had some very very mild spotting and it freaked me out. So it’s a good thing I already had an appointment.

After my 8am appointment I waited and waited, It’s amazing how a couple of hours feels like forever and a half when you’re waiting for a phone call. I felt like a 14yr old waiting to the boyfriend to call after a fight. So ridiculous.

So finally I got the phone call. My levels are at 2,631 !!!!!!

I’m so freaking excited it’s not even funny. My P4 is still >40 so I’ll keep with the levels of PIO.

So, now I’ll wait until next week for my ultrasound. Only nine more days until our ultrasound!!! AHHHHHHH


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