Is it Monday Yet?


It is very strange to wish for Monday when it’s a beautiful friday day!!!

But I ended up calling the RE’s office to ask a question about the PIO shots and I ended up giving in and asking for another beta test.

They tell me that I don’t need it but that if I really want to I could get another test done.

I said, SURE, when can I come in? So we set it up for this Monday since it’s going to be exactly 1 week since my last beta.

That means that I’m dying just waiting for the day to get here then I’ll be torturing myself watching the phone for them to call me with my results, and man I have tons of meetings that day.
It is what it is, I’ll be carrying my phone with me where ever I go and if I rings and it shows up the RE”s office number, I will excuse myself and go answer. Sorry……….

As far as myself, I’ve been doing ok. I don’t say great because I’m still so worried about the what ifs and the uncertainty of this entire process.

I belong to a wonderful group of ladies that have also gone through IVF and there’s just been so many different bad things happen that it’s got me wondering if I’m next.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about these wonderful ladies, it’s just that it reminds me of everything that I have gone through and everything that could go wrong.

It’s a double sword, because once you know all the things that could possibly go wrong it is SO hard to look at all of the positive things that also could happen.

I know some of you are thinking, “relax, just enjoy”, but unfortunately it is much easier said than done. After you have gone through IF and loss you just automatically wait for the worst to happen.

Anyways, I still have obsessively been testing to make sure that the line isn’t getting lighter.

Yes I know I’m crazy but that’s me.

Here’s hoping for the most amazing news on monday. Cross your fingers for me!!!



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