Beta #1 and Beta #2 update

Good Morning everyone!!

So I had appointments scheduled for monday and wednesday for blood work and although I had wished it was earlier I was ok with it.

Then on Friday night, I’m minding my own business when I noticed some spotting. I, of course, FREAKED OUT! I called the on call doctor who happened to be Dr.Will and he is such a sweetie. He’s not my regular RE but he is the one who performed my Egg Retrieval and some other tests.

He tries to calm me down and asks me tons of questions. After much talking, I asked him if it was possible to go in on Saturday to get my bloodwork done and check my Progesterone levels. He agreed with me and asked me to just let the nurses know that he ok it the night before.

Of course, I was at their office by 7:3o in the morning. I didn’t sleep well the night before worrying about all of this.

I spoke with the nurse and she didn’t even blink. She asked if I also wanted my hcg levels checked and of course i said YES.

I left their office by 8am and headed home. I wasn’t expecting a call until about noon. At 10:30am she called me. She said your Hcg was 121, I said, excuse me, say what????????????????? ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE????? She said, yes mam. My P4 was at 29 and it was good.

She was going to review it all with the RE and call me back. She did call back and said that although the P4 was good, Dr. Will wanted to increase the dosage to 1.5cc just to be safe. I have no problem with that. The needle is already in there, might as well be safe than sorry.

I kept my appointment for monday as they needed to check to make sure it was increasing properly. I went in at 8am for the bloodwork. She called me at about 11 am. My second Beta was 211. TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN?????

Beta#1 = 121 - 5/25- 13po Beta#2 = 211 - 5/27- 15po

Beta#1 = 121 – 5/25- 13po
Beta#2 = 211 – 5/27- 15po

I has increased 74.4% and they like to see it go up over 60%. The nurse says the doctor doesn’t need any more beta tests and for me to schedule my ultrasound. WHAT? That’s it? No more tests? Ultrasound already?

WOW so much information coming in all so fast. WOWZA. So our ultrasound is scheduled for June 12th at 9:30am. It seems SO freaking far away.

I have to say, those beta #s are super high for me. I have never had such high numbers with any of my previous pregnancies. here’s hoping for the best.

So, I guess as of right now I’m officially pregnant. Of course, we still have to get the ultrasound test done and make sure that the baby is on the right stop and has a heartbeat. Then there are other hurdles that I’ll have to go through before I’m ready to come out and say to everyone that I am indeed pregnant.

For now, you guys keep it as a secret ok??


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