7days Past 5 day Transfer…….the wait is so long

Today it’s been 7 days since we transferred our two beautiful embryos.

I know this might sound crazy, but until proven otherwise, Tom and I have been referring to this pregnancy as “them” “the babies” as if both embryos took. As if we’re having 2 babies.

The thought of it all has so many mixed feelings involved with it. But the most important one, is happiness. Because I know that no matter what happens, we will make it through it. If we only have one, or two. it doesn’t matter. Our lives will be blessed and everything will be ok (even if eventually).

Well, now to the hot topic of the day. Have I or have I not been testing? For those of you that have known me from the beginning of this journey (from six years ago), you KNOW that I’m a POAS – Pee On A Stick Addict and I’m not ashamed of it. It is the only thing that keeps me somewhat “sane” throughout this process. It’s the only thing I have some control of. When I pee and where I pee at. There I said it.

So, With all of that being said, YES I have been testing. I did things a little different this time around. I ordered online from Amazon a package of 50 Wondfos and I have been testing every day since after Retrieval so I would know when the trigger was out of my system.

Just as a recap, I triggered on May 10th, and by my sticks trigger was completely out of my system by May 16th. So of course I started testing the night after transfer. Yes, I know I”m crazy. But like I said, I’m fully aware of it.

Well, I had a trip for work and I still took with  me my sticks and I got a very very faint positive at 2 days past transfer. It was one of those positives that you need a flashlight and just the right tilt of your head to see. So of course I kept testing, only using the Wondfos.

On May 21st, which it was 4 days past transfer I was to come back home and I decided to stop at the store and grab some FRER tests as well as some digital ones. As soon as I walked in at home I went straight to do the deed and YES the second line showed up right away. It wasn’t strong but it was right there looking at me. Now my husband is starting to believe but he is still SO afraid of it all until we get our blood work done.

Needless to say I’ve been using the same tests and have been testing around the same time everyday. The lines for the FRER are so strong that my IVF group ladies keep saying that there’s no way that there aren’t 2 babies in there. And as I said before, We have always been referring to this pregnancies as babieS since we did put 2 beautiful embryos back (as you can see from the post below)

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get in for blood work until Monday 5/27. I know it’s a holiday but they’re still open there so that’s when I’m going. I won’t lie, I’m DYING to know already and this waiting SUCKS. We seem to always be able to get positive pregnancy sticks but we don’t get pass the beta tests, which is just HELL. So, wish me luck everyone.

Here’s the most updated picture of my testing. Remember yesterday was day 6.

Can this really be happening this time for us ??

Can this really be happening this time for us ??










  1. Jennifer Juniper · May 27, 2013

    I am pulling for you and your family Mama Wanessa! Fingers crossed and a good luck prayer heading your way 🙂

    • mrs.stork · June 6, 2013

      Thank you momma! You are so so sweet. Keep checking on things because here will be the only place I’ll be making announcements for a while until we are out of the dark stage.

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