Fertility Report & Updates

Here’s me trying to catch up with everything that had happened.

The day after transfer I was quite sore, I’m not going to lie. It’s not like it was horrible but sudden coughs or sneezing was painful.

I took it very easy but went to work the same day. Since I was at work I made sure to only take Tylenol and nothing stronger because of where I work and it involves a kitchen from time to time.

Then I got the call from the lab. They said that out of the 18 eggs, 14 were mature eggs. Out of the 14 eggs 10 of them were fertilized (with ICSI ) and were still growing strong. Yay that was good news I guess.

I also had to go get more blood work on Wednesday (3 days past retrieval) at my “local” RE. The nurses there are so sweet and so awesome. I told them how nervous I was since I didn’t know how my embryos were doing and the encouraged me to call the lab and ask.
In the meantime my bloodwork results came back and my E2 was 2,204 and myP4 was higher than 40 so that was good.

I finally called the biologist and they told me how the embryos were doing and how all 10 were still growing, with all being over 6 cells and one of then actually being at a 14 cell. They all looked great and they had clean and clear margins. So I guess that was all good.

By the end of Wednesday I got the call letting me know that I has to be at the office down in Indy by 9:20 am and that my transfer was going to happen at 10:15am,Yay so exciting.


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