Egg Transfer – D. Day!!!!!

Our Beautiful Embryos! They look amazing to me!

Our Beautiful Embryos! They look amazing to me!

Here we were, the day was finally here. Our little embryos were finally going back to where they belong.

We decided that it would be best if our handsome boy stayed at daycare while we did this, since the last time he kind of freaked out that mommy was asleep under anesthesia and all.

So we dropped him off a little early and we set course to Indy. We got there just short of 9:20am and their office was quite busy. But we knew that for us it didn’t matter since we were there for an egg transfer.

They took me in for more blood work and then we just waited. The waiting was torture as I had a very full bladder. The OR nurse finally called us in and I told her that I was pretty uncomfortable with the full bladder and she allowed me to dispose of a cup. Then of course she came back in and gave me a cup of water and my Valium. She said it would allow me to not care.

My sweet doctor comes in a while latter and apologizes for running a little late (maybe he was 5-10mins late) he asked me if I was ready and I told him that I was about to pee my pants.

He informed me that we had 2 beautiful embryos and we even had 2 that were frozen.

The process of transfer was only painful because of the fullness of my bladder.
The technician said “wow that’s pretty full” I told her yes and it hurts. They showed me the Petri dish to confirm that it was me and then the biologist proceeded to suck them into the catheter and handed them to the doctor.

By that time everything that needed to be ready in me was already in place. We watched closely in the screen as he inserted the catheter and then released the embryos into my uterus. It was just amazing.

I was lowered from the table, the biologist took the catheter to confirm that all the embryos has been released and then they’d wheeled me back to my room where I got to lay there for 15minutes before I was allowed to get ready to leave.

Of course before I could do that I had to go empty that bladder.

That’s pretty much how everything went. The day of transfer I really just lay around and didn’t o much, the day after I was being lazy too and then I was on the cleaner to resume normal activities.

Today is only day 3 past transfer and I’m still planning on taking it easy.


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