Egg Retrieval’s mother’s day gift.


From the last post lots has happened.  On Friday, May 10th, I went in for another check up. I’ve been going in every day since Wednesday.

On Friday they saw 16 follicles on my right ovary and 11 on my left. My lining was 14.4mm and my E2 was 3,700 (they had slowed me down on the meds the night before). So they told me to trigger at 9pm.

There I was staring at that HCG shot wondering if I could do it myself. I am proud to say that YES I did. I actually gave myself the shot in the thigh. I asked Tom to NOT be near me and if I needed him, he would know. I did it. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought at all. I had a heating pad with me for after the shot and I used that. It stung for a little bit but it wasn’t too bad.

On Saturday morning I went in for another appointment, This time it was for blood work and for a pre-op appointment. Where they told me all about the procedure, what to expect and what to do next. My blood work came back with my HCG at 16.2 and my LH at 65.5 ( I think). I also get a second shot of Lupron in the office after my blood work was done.

So, I was told to be at their office down south at 7am for my Egg Retrieval on mother’s day! YAY!

We drove up the day before and spent the day at the Zoo as well as spent the night there since it’s about 2.5hrs away from home. We arrived at the office and I was taken back right away.

An IV was applied and the meds started. If I remember it correctly, I got some Tylenol and some antibiotics. I met 3 nurses, the biologist, the anesthesiologist and then the doctor came in. The funniest part was my sweet little boy. Every time someone would come in, he would tell them “I want a Maya please”. Everyone was confused as to what he was talking about and I had to explain that he says he wants a baby sister. LOL

I left with some pain meds and went home. I won’t lie to you, I was pretty sore when I got home. I did take a couple more pills by the end of the day. It almost reminded me of how my uterus felt after my c-section.

The time I felt it the most was when I went to the ladies room. I know TMI but I have to let u all know how this feels. Today is the second day after ER and I”m feeling a lot better. I’m still a little sore but nothing more than what I felt like while taking my hormones to stimulate my ovaries.




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