First check up into IVF treatment

We had our first official check up this Sunday. I started meds on Wednesday 05/01 and had our blood work and ultrasound this Sunday.

Yes you read this right, Sunday. I had some people look at me weird that I was going in on a Sunday. Well, when you’re going through IVF there’s no time off!!!!

We had to drive 2.5 hrs to this other office, it is also where we will be having our retrieval and transfer so that was good to know where we were going. We almost got there late but the hubby was great and was able to get us there on time.

So here’s a beautiful picture of my bruised up belly. I’m not sure why I’m so bruised on my left side, it doesn’t hurt that bad, but it sure did bruise quite a bit. So here it is. (please excuse my warrior scars – aka stretch marks).


So, there I was sitting in the office waiting for the ultrasound to start. She counted 8 follicles on my right side and they were measuring between 8 and 11 with a leading follicle of 13mm.

As we all know, my left side is a shy one. It hides and it’s not easy to get to. It was quite painful to get to it but she did, she counted 4 of them about the same size as the right side and the leading one at 11mm. I don’t know if that was all of them, since I was clearly in pain and she could see it.

My lining was at 7.9mm but they told me not to worry about it since we have plenty of time to get that to be thicker! So i’m not worrying.

My Estradial levels came back at 672!! I don’t even know if that’s great or not but for me I think it is. I have triggered for an IUI with that high of a level so I’m hoping this is good news.

I’m suppose to continue with my meds the way that they are and to introduce the Garnarelix today (monday) in combination with the menopur at night time. I’m going in on Wednesday for more bloodwork and ultrasound.

On the symptom/side effect of things, I have been a lot more tired than normal and I’m pretty sore. I’ve been wearing elastic pants since it’s summer to avoid putting pressure in my tummy.

I still have no idea how on earth I’m going to be able to give myself the muscular shots but I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For right now our tentative date for retrieval is Mother’s day. We shall see how all of this goes. here’s hoping for a true miracle.



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