IUI #2 check, the dreadful 2ww……..just begining

This Saturday (12/22) we had our second IUI !!!


This was for sure a very different experience for us. My parents are here for the holidays and with that being said, they go everywhere we go.

Since our RE is 1 hour away and it’s more “in the city”, we took my parents with me so that once our IUI was done we could get some last minute shopping done.

I don’t know how your IUI usually goes but this RE is different than my other one. We have to arrive 1 hour early and then I have to sign a lot of paperwork. Then the nurse came in and told me what the count was like. She said that it was 122 mil and 60%. I looked at her puzzled and said, “come again”.

She said yes 122 mil not thousands. I was so so so so so surprised. The best we have ever gotten was 75 mil. 122 sounds amazing to me.

DH come in and sat by me, he then asked the nurse to knock me up with twins. LOL (yeah he’s so funny).

I got a slip for some blood work for next thursday for P4 and all and I got to start my Endometrin today.

Yesterday I had some mild cramping and feeling pretty bloated but it’s getting “better” today.

Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle and a wonderful 2013. Here’s also hoping that this 2ww will go by super fast since we will be pretty busy with all of the family members that are visiting with us.


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