IUI #2 in sight

Miracles Board

I haven’t posted because I felt like I was in this funk and just didn’t want to post negativity here.

So, I started my injections on 12/12. Dr.C had me start with 125IU of Follistim + 75IU Menopur for 2 days. Then I would decrease the Follistim to 100IU for the next 3 days. On 12/17 I went in for my ultrasound and blood work.

I was very surprised to see so many follicles. I had like 4 on my right side and 3 on my left. My biggest follicle was at a 15 so I knew that I had more work to do. My lining was at a 7.5 and my E2 was at 294.

I did 2 more days of injections but this time around he had me do 75IU of Follistim + 75IU of Menopur. I went back in for yet another blood work and ultrasound. Now my follicles on the right side were 17, 14,14,12 and on the left they were 16, 14,14. My lining was at a 12 and my E2 was 597!!!

I went home (or back to work) without really knowing what the next step was. I got the call from the Re’s office telling me to do one more day of meds (75+75) and then to trigger TODAY (Thursday).

My IUI will happen on Saturday at 9:30am, although we have to be there 1 hour earlier to sign the consent form and all.

I’m super excited and I have a wonderful feeling about this cycle.

On a funny side note, my dad, who never really talks about this stuff with me, said to me that he had a dream about me. He said that I got pregnant and I had TWINS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! He told me that he was pretty sure that I was going to get pregnant this time around and he was just warning me that it would be twins. LOL  – I thought it was really cute, yet scary!

Here’s to staying positive and only thinking good thoughts. I’m believing that we will have a Christmas miracle.




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