IUI #2 here we come!!!

So, since our last IUI did not work, we are back and ready to try once again.

I won’t lie, getting that BFN was not easy. I believe that the unknown for the 2ww was much more painful than I expected it to be. I thought that because life is so very busy and that we have been blessed with a miracle that perhaps I would have way too much going on that it would be easier or something?

Whatever it is that I was thinking, I was very very wrong.

Anyways, here we are now and we are ready to try again.

I was on Birth control pills for 2 wks to get rid of any left over cysts and to regulate things for me. I believe that my body works “better” right after the bcp.

I started my shots on the grateful 12/12 date and I have my appointment on 12/17. That is a very special date for me. on 12/17 of 2009 Tom and I had our 5th IUI and on New Years Eve of that same year we found out that we were expecting our beautiful son.

So, I’m being very positive and very hopeful that this is going to be our miracle month and that we will have some wonderful news.

I’m going to try my best and think positive thoughts ONLY and believe that a miracle will come of it this time around.

I’ll try to update soon.


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