11dpiui and losing all hope




This is defenitely how I’m feeling today, I tested this morning and still got the evil BFN!

I’m loosing all hopes here and it is just sad. I have a mix of symptoms that is just driving me nuts. Today after I got that terrible negative, I was driving to work and started to feel nauseated. That never happens unless I’m pregnant and I just don’t believe that I am.

My bbs are still pretty sore and I have other pregnancy symptoms but then I also have these weird feelings and I think that’s just AF about to show her ugly self.

Tom is still out of the country and I’ve been feeling pretty alone and just down these couple of days.

I knew going in that the likelihood of this working the very first time was very very small, but a girl can dream, right??

It is just torturous to have to go through so much and not have the outcome that we want.

I know so many beautiful warriors that have been trying for their second miracle and still haven’t been able to and it is just so unfair. So unfair.

Will I be testing again tomorrow?? Absolutely. But I’m pretty sure that I know what the outcome will be. I’m trying to prepare myself and see if I can go on BCP’s right away since I always have cysts left over anyways.



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