Today it is the 4th day past our IUI, 10 more days to go.  I woke up in the middle of the night needing to use the little girls room.

I don’t usually do that, but perhaps I just drank too much water before I went to sleep ? Did i have a bad dream and just realized that I had to use the bathroom? I have not clue.

Well, since I was there and fully awake, I decided to test and see if the trigger was out of my system and sure enough, it is.

There might have been a very very light second line there but barely anything really. I had to stare at it for a LONG time to notice it.

I also felt some heart burn when I woke up and that was strange but I’m brushing that off as well.

I was able to go back to sleep and after waking up again for work there was something else that I noticed.

This is way TMI and perhaps discussing. So skip the next paragraph if u don’t want to know.

I clean my ears every single day. Why? Well, I have ears that over produces wax. It’s horrible, I hate it. The last 2 times that I was pregnant, I noticed that my ears don’t produce as much wax. Today I was cleaning my ear and looked at that cue tip and there wasn’t much at all, actually, barely nothing. That made me smile for a second or two.

Today I’ve been feeling some “pressure” like symptoms. My left side more than my right. But who knows.

I’m just documenting things and we shall see what happens from there.

ohhh I’m noticing I’m being a lot more sentimental these past 2 days. go figure right??



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