Welcome to the dreadful 2WW


I’m sorry I haven’t updated for a while, but between TTC#2, our beautiful son, work and getting ready for the husband to go on a business trip, life has been pretty busy around here.

To recap, my cycle started on 10/22 (monday), I went in on 10/24 for my baseline ultrasound and was given the green light to start my meds. I started with 75IU of Menopur and 50IU of Follistim.

On Halloween day (10/31) I went in for my ultrasound and blood work. I saw lots of follies on my right side but they were still at around 9-10mm. My left had a couple and were at around 11mm. My E2 was at 122 and my lining was at 9.2mm. I was then told to up my dosage of Follistim to 100IU for the next 3 nights and to return on Saturday for another round of u/s and bw.

On 10/27 (sat) I went in for my appointment. The ultrasound tech said that my follies on the right side were still a bit small and didn’t give me much measurements. She tried to get to my left ovary and couldn’t see anything.

That really puzzled me. I told her that I was having some major pressure there and that there had to be something in there. She then said that she would do an ultrasound from the top of my belly to see. What do you know, a HUGE 22mm follicle took over my ovary. She was taken back that she couldn’t see that (as was I)

They took my blood and told me that I would most likely trigger that night but to wait to hear from them since the doctor had to be the one to give the final say.

A couple of hours later, I got a call from the nurse. My E2 was at 281 and doc said to go ahead and trigger. I triggered that night and waited for my appointment on monday morning.

On 11/05/2012 at 9:45am we got our insemination done. The nurse was very sweet and nice and explained a lot of what was going on to us.

our counts were great at 78mil and 58% motility. Then she said that she could definitely see that I was ovulating and that it was a great sign.

Now, here we are, 1dpIUI and waiting patiently to the day we get to pee on a stick. LOL

I started my Endometrim first thing this morning and will be doing it in the morning and at night. (yay for me, right!? NOT)

Let’s hope it doesn’t drive me too crazy with the side effects.

Here’s to trying to stay positive and hoping that these 2 weeks will fly by.


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