Living Indiana Style

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. No matter how much I want to post more often I still can’t.


Patryck is turning 9 months in a couple of days. He is so big, I can’t even begin to describe it.  The other day I took him to the doctor because of some lip fungus and I could NOT believe it when I looked at the scale and it said 21Lb !!! OMG my baby is just huge.

The other day Tom and I were shopping for clothes and I was just beside myself in the realization that we are shopping for clothes that are sizes 18 to 24 months. Really? What happened to my little cuttie pattottie?

He’s a crawling expert now. He stands up on his own and walks around while holding on to things. We just purchased one of those push walkers so he can stand behind it and push while walking behind it. Let’s see if it works and how well he does with it.

As for us, we are doing ok so far. Tom has been traveling quite a bit. In fact he just left again today and won’t be back until a week before Patryck’s baptism.

Talking about that. On June 18th Patryck is being baptized. We don’t have a lot of people coming but the most important ones will be here.
My little brother is arriving next sunday and will be here until June 20th. I’m so excited. I miss him very much.

Also, we are trying our best to plan Patryck’s first birthday. WOW did I just write that? His first birthday!
Anyways, we are planning on taking a family vacation and go to Brasil. We have to plan out all of the details and of course find the money to make it all possible but we are sure going to try.

I’ll update more whenever I know more.

Better go take care of my little monkey!!


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