Rice Cereal already?

As I’ve mentioned before Patryck has some days that he just cries hysterically and there’s nothing that I can do to calm him down.

About 5-6 days ago it was pretty bad and I tried everything. Grip water, prescriptions colic medication, rocking, swing, car seat……..nothing worked. We actually tried to go to town and he cried non stop all the way from our house to the store. He cried so hard that he was red like a tomato.

So very hard to watch him like that. So, I did what I always do. I wrote all my questions down for the doctor and I faxed it over to him.

I started doing this when I started IF treatments. I know the nurses are busy and that everytime you call them they just want to hang up and go to the next patient. So, I started writing it down and faxing it over to them. They would either call me with the answer or they would write down the answer and fax it back.

So, on tuesday I wrote down all my questions and concerns and faxed it over to Patryck’s pediatrician. I thought that they would take a day or two to respond so I didn’t think much of it. Then at around 9pm as I’m nursing Patryck and he’s wailing crying, a phone call come in.

Tom answered it and came into our room laughing. I ask who it was and Tom answers “It’s the doctor”

WHAT??? I did NOT expect him to call me, let alone at 9pm. I loved him already, now I’m just more in love with him !!!

Dr.Jones is awesome. He jokingly said “you think you can sleep? no way!” and he laughed with me.

He asked me to tell him my concerns and questions. He tells me that the carseat problem is normal and that not all kids like them. Told me to try a little trick and see if it works (I haven’t tried it yet). Then he addressed my concerns with the colic and the possibility of Patryck having reflux.

He said that he didn’t believe it was reflux and that based on what I was telling him that he wanted to try introducing rice cereal to Patryck.

We’re starting with one tablespoon three times a day then adding one teaspoon every additional day until we reach half a cup but never going beyond that.

Wednesday we tried it for the first time. Patryck was great and as the doctor had advised he did spit out a lot of it since he still doesn’t have the understanding of the tongue movements and all.
He spent a great day and barely even cried. At night he slept from 9pm to 4am. I nursed him and he went back to sleep until 7am.

Now yesterday, he did have a great day but barely slept at night. I think it’s because I didn’t give him the 3 feedings I only gave him 2. I know bad me.

Today (Friday) I did give him all 3 feedings and I just put him down. So I’m hoping that we’ll have a longer night without much grunting and kicking. We’ll see.

I just can’t believe that he’s eating out of a bowl and with a spoon already. He’s not even 3 months old yet.

I had some people question it but I always ask them. Is it better for him to start eating cereal this early or for me to constantly have to give him medication for colic and pain?

I say, bring on the rice cereal. Much more natural and nutritious than some meds.

Tom has been great. We had a talk the other night about him being more involved and taking more initiative and he’s been wonderful.

He already fed Patryck the rice cereal and he did great. I love when Tom is off and at home helping me with Patryck. I love watching them play and interact. It’s just amazing to watch.

I better get to bed and catch some zss.



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