One week in the hospital!

September 1st.

After they wheeled me into my room Tom brought Patryck in with him.

I was just so in love with him, I could not keep my eye off of him. They handed him to me and I placed him on my chest.

Then the nurse came in and wanted to check his temperature and my blood pressure. She placed him in this little crib and checked me first. My BP was ok, then she checked him and said that he was a little cold. I asked her if I could give him some skin to skin to increase his temperature. She hesitated but then agreed to it.

She left us and there I was holding my little prince again my chest. We were waiting my for little brother to arrive so he could see Patryck. The nurse really wanted to take Patryck to the nursery to get checked but I kept asking her to wait. My brother finally arrived. We chatted, took pictures and then the nurse came in.

Patryck’s temperature was still low. She said that he had to go to the nursery and get checked out. There he went.

I think she came back later to let me know that he needed to spend the night at the nursery but I can’t remember.

September 2nd.

The nurse come is at around 5-6am to check on me (of course she did that the entire night too) and ask me to go for a walk. They removed my catheter and had me use the restroom and then go for a walk.

All I wanted to do was see my baby, I could care less about taking a walk.  But since I had no choice I went for a walk. As soon as that was over, I was right there at the nursery.

Patryck was hooked up to a couple of machines but nothing bad. they were just checking his temperature and occasionally his blood sugar.
My nurse came in to check on me, the head of anesthesiologist came in, and then my doctor came in. My doc kind of ordered me to go back to my room so he could check me.

All was well with me. He asked about Patryck and said that he would keep me in the hospital as long as he could because of Patryck.

Then the Pediatrician on call came in. Our Peds was on vacation so Dr.Sigal was the one  caring for Patryck. That’s when things got scary for me.
He said that his temperature was unstable, his blood sugar was very low , that he had thrown up and it looked like there was blood and that his CRP was high.

I felt like someone had stabbed me. I couldn’t breath. The doc didn’t seem that worried but heck they never really do.

Needless to say, I spent all day at the nursery just looking at him. We couldn’t hold him since he now had so many more tubes on him.
Now they had washed his stomach and had a tube down his throat and a syringe attached to the end of it to see if any blood was coming out.  It looked horrible and so scary.

September 3rd.

Patryck’s CRP levels went down a little bit but his sugar was still very low.
They now had him on 10% glucose and were giving him 22 calories formula to keep his sugars just around 50. The doctor came in and said that although he wasn’t better that no change was good.
We got to hold him for the first time today. He still had so many wires on him……but thanks to the wonderful nurse caring for him, I got to hold him.

September 4th.

Patryck’s CRP levels went way up today. They don’t know what happened and could not explain it.
Also his sugar levels went down during the night and they had to start giving him 24 calories formula and they changed his glucose to 12.5% just to keep his sugars around 50s. What a bad day.

September 5th.

I had to leave the hospital that day. I had no choice. The doctor who came to check on me was a jerk and didn’t even bother to really check me and just said that I had to leave. A real jack ass.

When my nurse heard about it she was furious. She was very outraged and just wanted to report the doctor (apparently they can do that at this hospital).

Dr.Sigal came in and said that Patryck’s CRP levels were down again and that now we only had to focus on his sugar.

Patryck is still taking 24 calories formula but he’s now weaning off of the glucose drip.
Patryck did wonderful all day long. I was relief to know that he was getting better and that he could come home anytime now.

September 6th.

Tom and I arrived at the hospital at around 8am. Patryck was no longer hooked on the glucose drip and has been moved from the warmer to his little crib.
Tom and I were so excited that things were going great.
The downfall was that his CRP levels were still at around 15s and that wasn’t good enough for him to come home.

Then things turned to worst. They had a very busy day that day. Patryck’s machine kept alarming as if he couldn’t breath. First they brushed if off as nothing then the nurser decided to pay attention.

She placed him under a warmer and watched him. She listen to his heart/ chest and said that she needed a second opinion. I didn’t like the sound of that.
The RT ( respiratory therapist) from the NICU team came over and they started to talk about a murmur and some fluid in his lungs.

There we were sitting and watching hopeless and 4 people hoovered over him and talked as if we weren’t even there.

A chest x-ray and blood work were ordered STAT and multiple specialists were called to look at him.

I kept asking if it could be a machine problem and they wouldn’t listen to me. They completely ignored me.

After the x-ray, blood work and plenty of phone calls they now had him back at his original warmer, they had him on oxygen and were working on putting him under an oxygen cap thing…….

As soon as they moved him from the machine that I was complaining about back into where he was before he “magically” could breath again. WTF?!?

At around 7pm the nurse asked us to leave as they change shifts and we couldn’t stay there but then she said that we should come back. That freaked me out, they NEVEr asked me that before.

At 8pm we were back. There we were watching hopeless not knowing what was going on. Then this doctor comes in. At first, he acts and looks like a really mean person. Then he comes to us, introduces himself. He’s the head of Neonatal care and he’s there to check on Patryck per Dr.Sigal.

He was such a sweetie with Patryck, like a total different person.

Then he turns around looks at us and says “I’m not sure what the problem is, your son is perfectly fine and healthy”

I could feel the tears run down my face. He then ordered all machines to be disconnected from him and to stop pricking his little heal for the blood sugar.
He said that all Patryck needed was to finish his antibiotics and then he could go home.

Then he ordered them to let me breastfeed Patryck. I had been pumping but had not breastfed him yet.
For the first time I breastfed my little prince and it was priceless.

September 7th.

Today Dr.Jones is back from vacation.
He comes in and tells me that he heard a lot about Patryck. LOL

He tells me that his CRP levels are down but not yet ready for him to come home. He tells me that he needs 7 days of antibiotics and that he might go home on Wednesday.
Patryck had a great day today. We actually left at around 6pm.

September 8th.

I woke up fearing the worst. I couldn’t control myself and had a major meltdown early in the morning!

Tom, as always, held me and told me that everything was going to be ok. I just couldn’t control myself and was fearing the worst.

We headed to the hospital and we arrived just after 8am. We walk in and before we could reach the sink to scrub in the nurse says to us ” Did u run into Dr.Jone?”

Before we could answer she says “Patryck is going home today!” I was just over the moon when I heard that.

I tried so hard not to start bawling when I heard her.

Tom dropped the bags and ran out to get the car seat and his clothes. He couldn’t contain himself either.

I just couldn’t believe that it was happening, our little prince was coming home with us.

On his way to the car, Tom called everyone to let them know that Patryck was finally coming home.

We left the hospital at around 11:30am and we got home at around 12pm. Outside there was a beautiful banner that read “Welcome Patryck” that was made by my parents and my little brother. What an amazing sight it was to watch Tom walk in the house holding our son.

A warm welcome to our little Patryck!

Happiest Parents Ever!



  1. EncouragedEgg · September 20, 2010

    Hi!!!! OMG, CONGRATULATIONS! I read the stories…sorry to hear you had a scary start, but thank goodness he is OK now…the birth story got me all misty! Your son is gorgeous, I am so happy for you! I am going to add your site to my blogroll because I think seeing a success story and that little guy in overalls will help remind everyone what we are working towards! Nothing cuter than a baby in overalls, I say!

    • wtbocianski · September 21, 2010

      Ohh thank you so much. Yes, we had a rocky start but he’s doing much better now.
      Now I just have to deal with fussyness and a little colicky. I’m sure it won’t last long.
      I can’t wait to hear about your BFP!! Hang in there, it will happen.

  2. 21reena · October 16, 2010

    OMG- I just caught up on everything since June when I “disappeared” – What a crazy ride!!! You look amazing in all your pics and I am just so so so very happy that your little boy is home safe with you now! Lots if luv, Reena

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