Patryck’s Birth Story !

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to post but as you can imagine I’ve been a little busy.

Let me start with Patryck’s birth story and I’ll try to catch up as much as I can as I go on.

On September 1st we headed to the hospital to have our induction started. Our doctor asked us to be there between 4:30am and 5am. Of course I wanted to get things started so we compromised and got there sometimes in between. I had to check in with the ER as the Outpatient didn’t open until after 5am ( I know it makes no sense).

They wheeled me into L&D and into the room where I would be delivering. My nurse came in and started to prep me. She explained that they were going to use Pitocin and that they would be monitoring everything.

I changed into their beautiful gown (LOL) and waited. She came in, checked my BP and hooked me to the monitors. A little later she started the medication. At around 7am my doctor came in and checked me. He said that I was at about 1 and a half.

Then he tried, yes I mean TRIED to break my water. I have to say that it was so freaking PAINFUL. He tried multiple times. Somewhere between 5-10 time before he actually broke the water. He even joked about it and said, “I guess I don’t ever have to worry about early membrane rupture”

After that he said that I could have my epidural anytime I wanted. Me trying to be a little brave said that I would wait a little bit. At around 9am I was begging for mercy.

I felt like the biggest loser in the world. How could I be in so much pain? Can I not take pain? what is going on?

By 9:30am i had my epidural in. It wasn’t as bad as I expected.

The nurse and the anesthesiologist left and I waited for the epi to start working. NOTHING!!!!

I think that it made things worse. I was in so much more pain after that. It was horrible.

My nurse kept coming in and checking on me and said that she would get the anesthesiologist back in when she could but that she was doing back to back c-sections. Just freaking great!

I labored for about 2 hours like that. My nurse felt bad for me and gave me some meds through the IV to take the edge off. I have to say that it didn’t work at all. It made me loopy but that was it. The pain was horrible.

The anesthesiologist came back in at around 11:30am. She had to remove the epi and place it somewhere else. I so didn’t care at this point. Thank the Lord it worked the second time around. I was one happy camper after that.

My nurse checked me again after the epi took effect and said that I was at a 3cm dilation. She said that things weren’t progressing as fast but that there was progress. They also kept changing the position of Patryck’s monitor as if they kept losing him. It wasn’t until my nurse went on break and a completely different nurse came in that she said that his heart rate was dropping with the contractions.

Mind you from the get go my contractions were off the chart and they were every 3 minutes and they lasted well over a minute long.

So, by 3pm my doctor came in to check on me. He said that I was at a 2 and a half. WHAT? I thought I was at 3 when the nurse checked me?

Then he said that my cervix was swelling up and that Patryck’s head was shapping into the cervix.

He looked at me and said “it’s time for plan B”. I said, whatever gets my son out safe and sound.

Then I remembered that I could still feel my legs and made sure to ask them that I feel NOTHING during the surgery. The c-section wasn’t bad. The only thing was that I couldn’t stop shaking on my torso.

My arms kept falling off of the rails and I had to hold on to it. When they pulled him out the anesthesiologist said “we have a baldy baby”. I didn’t hear him crying and started to freak out. Then he cried! I could take a deep breath.

I kept asking Tom if he was ok and they reassured me that he was.

Tom went to cut the umbilical cord and then he came back holding out son. That moment was just umbelivable. I don’t think I could ever explain exactly what it felt like. I gave Patryck a kiss and just cried looking at him.

They had to take him to the nursery to check him out and they kept working on me.

Tom came back and after they were all done they wheeled me to recovery. That’s when they brought our son to us. Little Patryck latched on and wanted to eat right away. What a magical moment that was.

We spent about 2 hours in recovery and then they wheeled me into our room.

more to come later….


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