Last day of being pregnant!

We had our Ob appt on monday but my OB was busy delivering babies and I didn’t get to see him. I only got to see our nurse Jane.

Everything was fine BUT my Blood Pressure. She was getting 140 over 110 and she was not liking that.

Anyway. After checking, rechecking and then resting for 30 mins and checking again, she decided that she wanted me back today to see the doctor.

Today (tuesday) I went in and saw my doctor. When I left the house my BP was 140 over 95 and it stayed that way while at the office.

My OB comes in and tells me he’s going to check me down there.

OMG he did NOT warn me that he was going to do anything else. I’m pretty sure he stripped my membrane and it hurt like freaking HELL!!

The nurse just kept telling me to breath and try to relax but it was impossible.

Tom was freaking out of course but after what it felt like forever the pain was over.

Apparently I’m 1cm dilated………..I guess it’s better than monday’s measurement that I was barely a fingertip.

Then my OB tells me that he wants this baby out because of my BP……….he asks me to wait. He walks out and comes back in and says.

“Tomorrow between 4:30am and 5am………..I want u at the 6th floor of the hospital. We’re having this baby!”

I had to ask him to repeat that multiple times. Was he serious?! OMG

So, this is the last pregnant post. Tom and I had a nice dinner yesterday with my little brother.

My little brother was so cute and got me a necklaces with the  birthstone of September. Which just happens to be my favorite stone. Saphire.

So cute of him.

Anyway. Tom and I have not been able to sleep very long today. Of course.

We’ve been up since 1:30am and have not been able to fall back to sleep ever since. At least we got about 4-5 hours of some sleep.

It’s strange for me. It feels like someone is pulling a prank on me or something. Baby is arriving? What baby?! LOL

Better make sure that everything is ready!! OMG i’m going to be a mommy today!


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