38 Weeks! Emotions & Impatience!

We’ve hit 38 weeks. I can’t believe that I’m here and our little one isn’t out yet.

His & Hers Belly Shot!

I have to say that the forum that I frequently am a part of has the longest running pregnancies I’ve ever seen. We’re all about 37 weeks and we’ve only had twin births so far and we still have another 3 twin moms to deliver. That’s just crazy to me.

To say that I’m super ubber emotional lately is a understantement. Just ask my husband. Anything and everything makes me want to cry my eyes out.

He can say something so innocent and I’m still going to feel super hurt and start crying for no flipping reason.
At one second I’m crying because our little one isn’t here yet and the next I’m crying because I’m scared that he won’t love me the same because of our little one being here.

Can you say insane?! Yep, that describes me right now for sure.

We went to our 38wks appointment this monday and as I expected the doctor said “no changes, still high and closed” OMG that’s just so frustrating.

My blood pressure seems to have stabilized and it’s been around 120 over 70’s for the most part. I’m still measuring on track and our little one’s heart rate was around 150’s again. I believe that I’ve gained 2-3 pounds. I have to go look and compare to the prior week. I guess I”m ok with that since I had lost 3Lbs the week before. To tell you the truth I’ve been much more active lately and maybe we can just say that I’ve put some of the water weight back. LOL

After our appointment, I was waiting to make our next week’s appointment when I decided to ask our nurse if it was possible for us to get an ultrasound to know how big our little one is going to be.

To my amazement she agreed to do that. Of course she hesitated at first but she came around to it.

The scheduler was super nice (as she always is) and she was able to get us an appointment that same day, within the hour. How awesome is that?!

We went to the imaging place and there we were waiting for our turn. They unfortunately didn’t let us record anything but we did get a couple of pictures for our ultrasound.

Patryck's Profile !

Patryck looks so big and so squished in there. Poor thing. She wouldn’t tell us anything, all she said was that our doctor would study the ultrasound and let us know at our next appointment.

Of course Tom was able to watch everything and was able to see that the average weight they had for him was 7 Lb 7oz.

Nose & lips. From the bottom up !

I don’t know much about baby weights but that sounds big to me. I’m just saying……

So, for now we wait………yes……….wait.

Next monday is our next appointment and I’ll be almost 39wks. Hopefully we’ll get better news then.


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