Reaching Full Term! 37 wks!

We have finally reached full term. I can not believe it.

I went in for my appointment on Monday. I had my original appointment at 11am, but of course I got a call that my Ob had a c-section and was not going to be in at all in the morning. They only had a 4:50pm appointment.

I told them that I HAD to come in and talk to him and I took the appointment.

We got there 15 minutes early. BIG MISTAKE. We waited forever and a half. We didn’t get called back until after 5:30pm.

He checked my BP (which was normal. 125/70). We did the urine test and all was well and he took my weight. I apparently LOST 3 Lb this week. I have no idea how but that’s what it was showing. I was amazed.

Patryck’s heartbeat was around 148’s and I was measuring right on track.

My cervix has NOT changed at all. That got me worried. I hope that doesn’t mean that he’ll stay too long in there.

Ohh also, I got my strep B results back and they were negative.  YAY for that.

We talked about what happens if nothing happens to my cervix. He said that if I reach 40wks and nothing has changed that there’s no point of trying to induce. that we would have to schedule a c-section.

I think he was amazed that I’m not scared of a c-section. But then again, it doesn’t sound like he’s into c-sections at all. It sounds like he wants to avoid it at any cost.

Anyway. I’m still on bedrest and I’m to take it easy.

He didn’t seem concerned about the weight loss either. He said that it’s because I’ve been off my feet and lost water weight.

I’ll see him again next week. I’m praying for better news then.


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