Off of Bed rest then back on! WHAT?

I was given the Ok by my OB to stop my Nefidepine on monday. So I took my last pills on tuesday and completely stopped taking them.

I know that some women go into labor right after stoping these pills so I was “prepared”.

On wednesday I spent the say “waiting” to see if anything different would happen. I had the occasional back aches but nothing that lasted long.

My little brother came from LA to spend some time with me and I was excited about that. Tom kept calling me all day to make sure that I was ok and had not gone into labor yet. It was so cute.

We all went to sleep and as always I have the hardest time actually falling asleep. I finally was able to fall asleep at around midnight.

At 1am I was awaken by pain. I lay there for a while watching the contractions and timing them. I got up, made sure I emptied my bladder and of course made sure that I drank more fluids. The aches and pain didn’t get any better.

By my calculations and counts I was contracting every 3-4 minutes and the contractions were lasting at least 30 -45 seconds. I woke Tom up and told him about it, at first he just said “awww honey, I’m sorry you’re in pain”. LOL Then he realized that I said CONTRACTIONS and was wide awake. We talked about it for a second and decided to head to the hospital.

I got up and got ready and let my little brother know what was going on. He too gave me the “aww” response at first until I said HOSPITAL and he just jumped up and was ready to go.

We got to the hospital at around 3am  and we headed to L&D. They hooked me up and started to monitor me. The nurse was nice but you know how it is, they just to get you in and out and be done with it. Patryck’s heart beat was good and you could see my contractions but as the nurse said they were “ohh so mild” that I was probably be going home.

Now, she said that before she checked my cervix or anything else. She wanted to monitor me for a while before checking my cervix. then she came in checked my cervix and said that I was still closed. She then finally checked my blood pressure. It was a wooping 147 over 100.

I did NOT like the sound of that. She said not to worry since it was just the first reading. She was going to have me rest for 10 mins and recheck again. Next reading was 150 over 107. She had me lay down and then rechecked after a while. Still nothing.

She was constantly moving me around, one for the blood pressure and two for Patryck’s heart beat that kept fluctuating too much for her liking.

We eventually did urine tests, blood tests and tons of blood pressure. At one point my BP was 167/112 and that was NOT good.

We waited to hear back from the doctor to know what we were going to do. At 6am they told us that my Ob was there and he was coming in to see me in a little bit. Of course he was there for deliveries not for me…….we waited for a while. We changed nurses 3 times in between……until we got the head of the nursing staff.

Finally I heard my doctor outside. I thought he was coming in to talk to me but he never did.

By this time it was already 9am and my BP was way better. The last reading was 135/86 and they felt confident enough to send me home.

Here I am now, on even stricter bed rest regime. I am to lay on either side and stay like that ALL DAY LONG. I’m allowed bathroom breaks and 1 shower a day Only.

I’m to see my OB on monday and if anything happens………like high blood pressure,blurred vision, chest pain, water breaks,……….blah blah blah, to call the OB”s office ASAP.

I’m still having contractions now and then but I guess I’m suppose to learn how to ride through them.

I have NO IDEA what to expect after my appointment on monday. I’m super nervous. I just hope that he won’t keep me on this strict bed rest for too long, I’m already going crazy as it is.

AHHHHHHH…………I really need a laptop. Gosh Darn it.



  1. EncouragedEgg · August 18, 2010

    Ah, I log on to check in on you and you are having contractions! There is a baby coming! 🙂 I love your blog because sometimes it just makes me feel better to focus on what is ahead. Hang in there with bedrest….I have heard it sucks, but try to catch up now on your laying around and resting! Good luck!!!!!

    • wtbocianski · August 21, 2010

      Hi there!!! I always check your blog too.
      Thank u so much for stopping by. Yes, bedrest is not easy and everyone keeps telling me to enjoy it while it lasts but to tell u the truth it is torture.
      At times I think that if I had a screaming baby at least that would distract me a little bit. LOL.

      I do get to escape now and then and that is nice. My little brother is staying with us for a month and that has helped too.

      I can’t wait to hear about your BFP. I’ll be checking on you often. Sending you lots of baby dust.

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