Losing my mind…….isolation sucks

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m not able to do anything all day long and it’s driving me crazy.

All I can do is wait for my husband to come back from work just so I can have some company. The problem here is that he’s been getting home from work super tired lately and as soon as he’s here he falls asleep.

I hate to sound like I’m complaining about him but come on, why is he so darn tired lately?

Today he was asking me, “did u know it’s finally Friday?” Really……..it makes no flipping difference for me. All the days are the same shit for me.

He then just laid down his head and within minutes he was asleep.

There I sat, crying my eyes out while he sleeps. Here I am crying my eyes out and he’s still asleep.

No one comes by to check on me, I get the usual calls from my mom daily but besides that no one else…….

I know this all very dramatic and all but I just feel like I don’t matter to anyone else and it just SUCKS!

How sad that I have to look forward to seeing my doctor as a get away ticket to mingle with society??


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