A visit to labor and delivery!

As ironic as this might seem, the very next day after we had our bags packed we had to go to L&D.

Last week I had some back aches, it felt a lot like I was starting my period. I called my Ob they told me to drink lots of water, lay down and if it didn’t get better to go to L&D.
Well, last week it got better so we didn’t go.

This monday was a whole other story.

I got to work at about 5:45am, at 7am I started with the back aches again. I wrote down the time and waited for it to pass. Sure enough in about one hour or so it passed.
At around 9:30am it was back again and it lasted a little longer than 1 hour so I called my OB.

This very nice nurse (the same I had spoken with the wk before) talked to me. She decided that it would be best for me to go to L&D “just in case”.

She said, “it’s probably nothing and you’ll be back home in about 2 hours”.

So, I called my hubby and told him what was going on. I had the car so our friend drove him to my work and hubby drove me to the hospital.

We waited for over 2 flipping hours to be admited. I think that they didn’t think it was a big deal and were taking the “worst” cases before me.

Anyway, I got this very nice delivery nurse to check me. She wasn’t the normal “L&D” nurse and we only found that out because one of the L&D nurses got involved in my care and said that the other one was taking too long checking up on me. Anyway, I’ll say more about that later.

There I was laying in bed, nice nurse checked my vitals, BP was high 134 over 86. She asked me MULTIPLE times if I was diabetic or had HBP problems. I told her every single time NO, I’m just fat but healthy. LOL

She did this exam called FFN, I guess it measures the chemicals that your cervix emits once it’s dilating. If u get a positive you’re most likely delivering in 2wks, BUT u can get a false negative so it’s a little strange.
She hooked me up to the monitors and waited about 30 minutes. She said that she was not seeing any contractions but that she was going to run the FFN test to the lab and be back.

The moment she left the contractions started again. They had me laying on my side and I could tell right away that I was having them.

I could also tell that they were pretty close to each other but couldn’t tell how close. Hubby kept an eye on the monitor and I just kept asking him to keep an eye on Patryck’s HB and make sure he was ok. Patryck’s HB was great and didn’t really budge through the contrax.

I stayed there for over 2 hours and the contractions were pretty frequent. I had to get up and go pee and when I got back it got a little better.

I could hear the nurse calling my doctor and letting him know that I wasn’t dilated or effaced but that I was having contractions. They monitored me for another hour and the nurse came in. This was yet another nurse but she was nice, not like the “get in, get out” nurse that came in between them.

She told me that I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and that they wanted to put me on this medication (pills) to stop them. They were sending me home BUT I was to be on bedrest. NO MORE WORK for you she said.

WHAT? I asked some questions and tried to negotiate with her, she ended up saying “well check with your Ob tomorrow and see then”.

I’m to take this medication until I’m 36wks along then stop it. 2 weeks of strict bed rest for me!!!!

They sent me home with a prescription for Nifedipine and I’m to take this around the clock every 6 hours.

I had to set up alarms in the middle of the night to wake me up otherwise I’ll miss a dose.

I went to work on tuesday but after calling my OB they sent me home on strict bed rest. I guess this medication is no joke and if I don’t obey by the rules this baby is coming out sooner than expected.

I’m not allowed to do anything but pee and lay down. My poor husband……that’s all I have to say.

Anyway, here I am now on bedrest. It’s cute because Tom thinks that once we stop taking this meds little Patryck will come out. That was the case of this one lady that was also at L&D with us. She stopped this meds on sunday night and on monday she was at L&D and they said she was delivering that same day. WOW.

This baby can be here as soon as 2wks from now and it just sounds scary and excited at the same time.


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