Getting Ready for the Hospital!

Tom and I have talked about getting our hospital bag ready. I remember before I was pregnant thinking about this and wondering “why don’t people just have it ready and in their car already?”

Now I know why. At least for me, I had no clue what to pack. I did some online research and asked some friends. Checked on some of my friend’s lists and made my own assumptions. I hope that I’ve packed enough stuff or at least the things that I will be needing.

I packed a small suite case and this is what we got :

3 shirts for Tom
3 changes of boxers for Tom
1 going home outfit for me
4 changes of undies for me
3 nursing bras (since I have no clue what size I’ll be)
nursing pads
2 nightgowns
3 pairs of warm socks for me
toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, travel size shampoo & conditioner, soap)
Tylenol and Pepto for Tom (just in case)
A small (really it’s small) CD/Mp3 player
I-pod with music
Some DVDs in case we get bored
Video Camera
Cellphone charger
paperwork for hospital (birth certificate and social security papers for baby)

For little Patryck we packed:

2 blankets
2 receiving blankets
2 burp cloths
2 newborn outfits
2 0-3 months outfits
2 little caps
4 pairs of socks (couldn’t make up my mind)
2 mittens
4 diapers (hospital will provide some too)
baby wipes (I heard the hospital provides the ones that u have to get wet, so I’m taking ours)
nursing cover

When talking to Tom about it I thought that he would want to put the suitcase and diaper bag in the car already but he doesn’t want to do that just yet.

Tom has a plan. We have a doctor’s appointment next week and he wants to first go to that appointment, then get the car cleaned. After that he would like to have the suitcase and diaper bag in the car as well as get the car seat installed.

I think that it’s so cute that he’s making these plans and helping me so very much.

I just hope he understands that at any minute things can change.

Ohh on another note. I’m not sure if I should pack a towel too…..I can’t make up my mind.
I would also like to have a sleeping bag in the car for Tom in case he doesn’t get a bed at the hospital. He said that he prefers that over a blow up mattress so we’ll go with that.

Someone at one of the forums that I visit suggested keeping some towels in the car as well in case there’s any leakage on the way to the hospital. I also thought that it was a great idea. I guess we’ll see how much space we’ll have left in the car. I don’t want to over pack it and not have enough space for other things.

It just feels so crazy that it’s almost time. Specially since at the same time if feels so far away.

Tom and I had this long talk about life and how much it’s going to change. It’s not that we’re worried about losing our freedom or anything like that. It’s more about how worried we’re going to be about him and his wellbeing. All those little things.

I just know that I can’t wait to see Tom hold Patryck for the first time. You know, all the first times of everything. I just can’t wait for that. The first, time he holds Tom’s fingers, the first time he smiles, cries, says “I love you”. All those moments. I just can’t wait.


One comment

  1. Becky · July 28, 2010

    I’m packing two towels…because the ones at the hospital are small and not nice. However, I am packing ones we use on the dog (really old beach towels – one is Christina Aguilera from Mickey Mouse Club) in case I want to trash them afterwards.

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