33 weeks!!! Getting so close!!

33 weeks belly. Baby is head down!!

Yesterday we had our bi-weekly doctor’s appointment. As I feared, he had to re-schedule (emergency c-section) . My Ob is always a very busy person and I just know that if we schedule anything with him in the afternoon that it will get rescheduled.

It wasn’t a problem since they had me come in and see our wonderful nurse Jane.

She is so sweet, I really like her. My blood pressure has been hanging around 130 over 80s now and it wasn’t much different. It was actually 134 over 84. She said that since it’s been pretty consistent that she’s not worried.

I gained one and a half pounds in 2 weeks and she said that it’s great. Our little peanuts heart beat was around 150-160s which is also pretty consistent. I’m measuring between 35-36 weeks now. Yep he’s growing!!!

We talked about how do we know position and all and she tried to feel it again (as she did last time). She guessed the same then she decided to do an ultrasound just to double check.

I was not going to stop her from showing us our little peanut.

There he was. So beautiful! We saw his head, spine, ribs, legs, little feet, hand, his pee pee, his little heart beating away and the best part, she stopped at his face. We could clearly see his little face and chubby cheeks. He’s just so beautiful. And Yes, he’s head down!!!

It’s hard to explain this but I’ll try. You know one of those moments where you look at things and find yourself wondering, “is this really happening to me?” I had that moment when I saw his face.

My brain still can’t believe that this beautiful, amazing little boy is growing inside of me. I felt like saying, someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!!

This ultrasound didn’t take long at all, but she did show us so much. This baby is already on his ready position. No wonder I feel pressure down there!!

She then analyzed my swollen legs and said that I’m at 2+ edema and to just try and lay on my side as much as I can.  I can sure try that.

Anyway, after our Ob’s appointment we killed some time and then went to our Newborn Care Class.  It was awesome. In our small little world, nurse Jane’s daughter was the one teaching the class!! Awesome!

I have to say that the part of the circumcision was not easy. I just don’t understand why would people put their child through this if it’s not medically necessary. I just don’t get it.

Don’t give me the infection argument as it’s total bull. If a circumcised baby has a 1 in 1000 chance of a UTI vs. an uncircumcised baby that has a 3 in 1000 chance……it’s NOT that big of a difference!! Not worth putting my child through that much pain!!! Not going to happen!!

Anyways, enough about that. We’ll go back to see Dr.Sw in 2 weeks (hopefully) and then after that I believe we’ll start seeing him every week from then on.

It’s getting so close. I’m so excited. I should just get our hospital bag ready already!! Just in case!!


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