Breastfeeding Class!!

We had our breastfeeding class last night and it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would.

After me being upset with Tom, I went to pick him up and it was like night and day. He was in a great mood. As if he had never been rude to me all day long. Very strange.

We had to stop at the pharmacy to grab some Monistat. I’ve been a little itchy and my nurse told me to go ahead and start using that until I see my OB next week.

I got home and decided to use it already since I wasn’t feeling all that great. Being pregnant, low immune system and so flipping hot doesn’t help these situations. Well, I used the darn thing as my nurse instructed me to.

OMG did it BURN!!! It wasn’t like a little sting. OHHHH NOOOOO. It burned like hell. I was so uncomfortable and just really upset for a good hour. I could barely eat dinner before we left.
Tom just sat there with a little freaked out look on his face watching me squirm and yell out some “nice” names. Poor thing didn’t know what to do, he wanted to help but we all know there was nothing he could do.

I seriously thought “how am I going to get through 3 hours of class like this?” We left and I took a little 10 minute nap on our way there. It made things less bothersome for me for a little bit.

Once we got there we ran into this wonderful couple from our childhood class and we sat next to them.

The class itself was very informative. We got to train with our little plastic dolls. I learned how to hold the baby on a football position, cross cradle and cradle positions too.

The instructor mention about PCOS and that delaying or slowing down the production of milk, which I read about in the past.

I of course had to go up to her and as her about it. Her first question was “did u have trouble conceiving?” Somehow that came across wrong to me but I tried not to take it personal. I said yes but that there was a problem from both sides.

She told me to just jump into bfing with both feed and see how it goes. She wrote down the name of 2 natural herbs that I can take to help with the production of milk. But not to start those herbs until the 3rd day after birth.

I’ll make sure to have those names saved somewhere and make sure to buy it so we have it at home.

We’re now in the process of separating all of the baby’s clothing and getting the tags off so we can wash them. Some people have told me to wait but I really don’t see the point of waiting. Why can’t is just be done already? If there’s a need to re-wash them then we will, otherwise they’re going to get done. PERIOD!

Maybe I’ll start on that tonight. We have to get some things organized in the nursery and I think it’s just about time to get it done.

This Thursday we have our first aid / CPR class. Tom and I are already certified for adult First Aid/CPR but not for infants and children. I think it would freak me out to have to perform that on a child. I would much rather prefer knowing about it already. Better safe than sorry, right??

Ohh also, I’m 32 weeks today. It’s very exciting!!! This baby is coming and before we know it it’s going to be time to go to the hospital.

I just can’t believe that in 8 weeks he’ll be here. I’m so excited. It’s just crazy!!!



  1. EncouragedEgg · July 15, 2010

    How exciting!!
    I never knew us PCOS gals had trouble breast-feeding…we need a break! Anyway, I am enjoying following your journey!

    • wtbocianski · July 17, 2010

      Yes the PCOS just keeps on bringing in more and more fun.
      The good news is that there are ways to help yourself. I’ll for sure be posting more about this once I get into Bfing and taking those herbal supplements.

  2. egghunt · July 16, 2010

    only EIGHT weeks???? Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad the breast feeding class went well and that your hubby is being more sensitive towards you. xxxx

    • wtbocianski · July 17, 2010

      Yes, it’s going by fast now (we’ll see about that).
      Hubby is being more sensitive and I’m really happy about that.
      Thanks for checking up on me!

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