31 weeks down only 9 more to go!!!

We’ve hit 31 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! According to some of my books this is the beginning of the 8th month and that just sounds so scary to me.

Big 31 weeks Belly!!!

It’s hard to explain to people who the week counting works but I guess I don’t have to as long as I just say that I’m 8 months. Ah who cares?!

I’ve been feeling ok so far. I can’t complain of any Braxton Hicks yet since I’ve had none.  I can say that I’m scare to death of having them but nothing yet.

Tom and I have been taking our childbirth classes and we enjoy it. It’s nice talking to other pregnant woman face to face and knows what they’re going through as well.
We just finished talking about natural, drug free labor and once we meet again in 2 weeks we’ll go through the epidural and other drugs that can help with pain. That sounds more like what we’re going for than anything.

As far as pregnancy goes; I’ve been pretty swollen and that’s totally because of the heat. When we went to LA for the baby shower it was the first time in a long time that my feet looked normal. The second we drove into Fresno, my feet started to swell up.

This week we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy a nice swimming pool and it’s been wonderful. The water makes all the swelling go away and it just feels great. The only “complain” that I have is with by bbs.

I have no idea why but the moment I go into the water they hurt so bad. I think it’s because of the temperature change but man oh man it takes a while for them to get used to it and it can be a little painful.

I’ve also been quite sleepy lately. I guess it’s expected to happen. Everyday between 7:30am and 8:30am that my body just gets SO tired. I have to fight hard not to fall asleep at work.
I’m also having carpal tonal aches in my hands and it just sucks sometimes. But I know this is all temporary and at the end our little one will be here and it’s all worth it.

Yesterday we had an OB appointment and I’m once again measuring a couple of weeks ahead. When I say I’m measuring I mean my belly of course. My blood pressure had been going up slightly but nothing out of the norm for me. This last visit it was 132 over 84. Which I guess I’ve had this before and they’re not concerned at all.

Patryck’s heart beat was around 140’s and the nurse believes that he was facing down with his back towards my left side. As for weight gain, I don’t even want to talk about it. OMG I feel SO HUGE and FAT it’s not even funny.

Front view of my 31wks belly!!

I guess my total weight gain so far has been 20Lb. Now, with that being said, remember I lost about 6Lb in the beginning so I should be able to say that I’m only 14Lb up. Right? LOL

The nurses and doctors seem to like it and not be bothered by it so I should just accept the fact that I’m a whale and be happy with it. Right?
Tom was giving me a hard time because I jokingly said that I had to stop eating and he said “absolutely not, you have to feed our son.” WOW so protective and caring!!!! LOL

I just can’t believe that we only have 9 weeks to go. It just doesn’t seem real to me. I know this is weird to say and hear but I guess when you’ve tried to so long and had so many disappointments in life, it takes a while to accept the good. I guess that’s where I’m at right now.

I LOVE feeling him move around and I’m sure I’ll miss being pregnant once he’s here. I also know that I can’t wait for him to arrive and it just all of the sudden everything feels so real. So unbelievable. As if I’m still waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I guess we just need to start washing everything and get all of the little things that we might still need.

9 weeks and counting. WOW it’s a single digit count. Crazy!!!!!


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