Baby Shower and 3D/4D ultrasound!

We had our baby shower in LA and it was just wonderful.

I had to say that the week following up to it was a little stressful as we were having our floors cleaning and prepped but aside from that we had a great time.

For the first time we had to leave our dogs alone, outside of the house for more than 2 days and that was really stressing me out. It wasn’t only the fact that they were not really used to it but the fact that it was SO hot here. We planned on returning home on Sunday since the forecast said that it was supposed to be 104ºF or something like that. So we did and the dogs were just fine. Thank God.

Anyway, the baby shower.

The morning of the baby shower we had a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled and we had invited my parents, my brother and Tom’s dad to join us. Aside from us wanting to have this ultrasound done I really wanted our parents to experience the ultrasound part. I don’t think my parents ever actually been to one and I just thought it would be neat.

I can open my mouth!!

As usual my little brother was running late. The good thing was that I told him that to be there at 9am but the u/s wasn’t until 9:30am. I did that on purpose knowing that he would be late anyways. Which he was. LOL. My parents on the other hand were right on time, actually arriving a couple of minutes before us.

The ultrasound was awesome. It took a little while for some of them to get it (mostly my brothers) but they eventually did. Patryck wasn’t being very cooperative, which is the norm for him with ultrasounds and dopplers. He just doesn’t like them for some reason.

I love to have my hands in my face!!!

My cheeks are SO cute!!!!

After that, we headed over to the shower and I decided to help them as much as I could. While the man were in charge of setting up the tables and chair, I was in charge of prepping the fruit salad. LOL. It was cute to see them all so worried about me and offering me a chair and being all concerned about my well being. It was cute.

I finally headed home to get ready and arrived just before 2pm. Our very first guest was Matt. He’s Tom’s really good friend and old room-mate from college. We hadn’t seem him since our wedding and it was really nice of him to come to our shower.

The decorations of the shower were super adorable. The tables had blue cloths, with a stream of confetti running through the middle of the table. They decorated the entire room with balloons that were orange, blue and green. The same colors that we used on our invites and our nursery. Even the plates and the cups were that way. It was awesome.

Cake and sweets table!!

Our cake was made by my mom’s really good friend and she did a monkey for us. It looked awesome. There were also some cupcakes and other goodies on the table.

Our Monkey Cake!

The food was amazing too. Afterward I realized that I didn’t even eat much which didn’t make Tom happy but how could I? I was way too busy talking to people and just enjoying everyone.

The one chance I got to eat something. Delicious!!!

As for games we had a great time. Our first game was the bottle game. My mom got the boys involved on that one and it was just hilarious. The “worst” part of it is that they had beer inside of their bottles. LOL.
They each were a little bib that said something cute and they had to see who would drink the bottle faster. LOL


My sweet husband was the winner. It was so cute to watch. My dad and his friend were being a goof and were teasing each other more than anything, where’s my brother was trying so hard to squeeze that bottle and win and Tom was just focused and trying to win the game. Evidently he did. LOL

We also had the pinch the rice and pins game, the do not cross your legs/arms game and the guess how much candy is in the bottle game. Ohh we also had the find the baby’s name under your chair game. I might be forgetting something else but that’s what I can remember for now.
All in all we had SO much fun. I think and hope that everyone had a blast.

So happy!!!!

We got SO many great gifts. Our friends and family are so very generous I don’t even have the right words to say how thankful I am to have them all in our lives.

We got so many cute adorable things, we got a bassinet, a high chair, a pack n play, activity mat, a boppy pillow, lounger pillow, baby monitor, mobile, books, diapers, changing pads, creams & ointments, clothes, gift cards, money, you name it, we got it all. Not to mention the gits that we sent to us like the bouncing door way thing, the stroller and many other items.

I still have to write all my thank you cards but for those of you that do read my blog, THANK YOU!

Tom and I are so very thankful to have you in our lives. Patryck is really lucky to have you in his life too.

I truly hope that for those who were able to attend our shower that you had a great time. I know that I was super happy and excited to have you there. It meant a lot to us, it means a lot to us. Most if not all of you know what we’ve gone through to get where we are and we thank you for the moral, emotional and physical support you’ve given us. We will never forget it. I really mean it.


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