Level II ultrasound….being able to breathe a little better now.

Profile at 18 wks and 6 days

Yesterday we had our Level II ultrasound with the Perinatologist.  Every time I go into that office I get SO nervous it’s not even funny.

For some reason it wasn’t as busy as it usually is and I was glad. I was hoping to get the same nurse as we did before but we didn’t. For a second there I was a little bummed out but I soon realized that she cared just as much.

She was indeed very nice and we also asked her for a DVD. She didn’t “complain”, she just added it and on she went with the ultrasound. Of course, I immediately look for the heartbeat and I could see it right away. With that I was already relieved. She went on to tell me that all my blood work came back great and that our chances for downs and trisomy were slim to none.

I could finally breathe.

Our little one was not very cooperative. I’m convinced that he does not like ultrasound at all.

She measured my cervix and I’m almost sure that I saw a 5cm there. I asked if my cervix was ok and she said that it looked great.

On she went with the ultrasound. She measured every little thing (whenever our little one let her).

He kept his little legs crossed and kept moving his face away from us. As I said, not being very cooperative.

She said she was looking for anything that could be a “bad” sign. We got to watch his little heart pumping blood (she was checking for all the chambers), him opening and closing his mouth (checking for a cleft lip) and all of the other good stuff.

Everything was there and everything was just fine. Oh and we re-confirmed that it is a BOY and his little HB was 148.

It is a BOY!!

She congratulated us and gave is a bunch of pictures. I’m not kidding you we had something like 14 pictures given to us.

I got up and went to the girls bathroom. Tom asked for the DVD when she realized that she forgot to press “record”. When I heard that I was bummed out but then she said, “hop back on the table and let’s make a DVD”. WOW and we got a couple more pictures.

There I was watching him again and making sure that it was being recorded. She even threw a 3D image here and there for us. It was just amazing.

I did ask her for the actual numbers for the Down Syndrome and Trisomy and she said that it was something like 1 in 100,000 for downs and 1 in 15,000 for Trisomy. I’m sure she said more but I just  can’t remember it all. I was so excited and happy.

All is well then. I can breathe now.

We have an OB appointment next week, I’m sure just to check BP and weight and all.

Not sure when we’ll get to see our little one again.

I hope soon.

Ear, Legs and Foot. It's all there.



  1. 21reena · April 16, 2010

    I’m in LOVE with these pics – YAY!!!! What a relief – and that’s awesome that you got a DVD!!!

    • wtbocianski · April 16, 2010

      Thank you. The technician was awesome…..I think they have a great staff there.
      I love the DVDs….I can watch them all day long and just stare away.

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