17 weeks and Plans.

I turned 17 weeks yesterday. Some say that it has gone by fast where I say that it hasn’t at all. I think that when someone is so scared that something might go wrong, time just seems to go by so slowly.

I’ve been feeling ok so far. I’ve had this lingering sore throat and cough that has been with me for the last 10 days or so. It’s pretty annoying. At least my voice is back (most of the time).

Since all that I can take is Tylenol and halls, I’m pretty much stuck.

As far as cravings, they come and go. I’ve had them, but it’s not like I’ve been craving anything crazy or unusual. I usually crave salty food. Just the other day I wanted corn on the cob. Then some Caldo Verde (Brazilian food), and just yesterday while talking to a friend, he mentioned stroganoff and that was it. I HAD to have it for dinner. Which I have to say it was SO GOOD.

Tom has been so amazing; I don’t even know where to start. He’s been helping me so much around the house. He’s so very attentive and caring. I can’t complain (although I just might sometimes, which I’ll blame it on the hormones. LOL).

Yesterday when we got home I went to talk with our neighbor and I was gone for about one hour. When I got home, he had started cleaning and already had a couple of rooms all ready. His dad and uncle are coming to spend Easter with us and I mentioned that I needed help cleaning. Isn’t he just adorable?!

I’ve been talking to my mom (who is in Brazil visiting family) and she’s also been acting so cute. My family is so excited that they want to throw a baby shower for me there. They had this idea to dress my mom up with a fake belly and throw the shower as if I was there. It’s very sweet.

People would tell me that once I was pregnant that I would change my mind on some things (about my mom) and I always brushed it off and said no. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom and she’s amazing, but I always said that I would NOT have her in the delivery room.

Lately I’ve been thinking about that and it just feels wrong not to have her there. It feels wrong to take that from her. What if this is my one and only child? I can’t rob her of that moment. Do you know what I mean? I don’t know how it’s going to be, but for now, I think that I would love to have her there. We’ll see what happens.

My belly is growing and I can’t wait to start feeling him move. Sometimes I think that I do, but it’s not for sure and that noticeable yet. Just today Tom was telling me how our next big mile stone is painting the baby’s room. Because I asked him to wait until after my mom’s B-day. Why her b-day? Because I’ll be 25 weeks then and I think that we’ll be more on the “safe” zone.

Sometimes it scares me that we’re so very attached to him already. Wow that sounds horrible to read. After our loss in July I told myself that I wouldn’t get attached and would not name him/her until the end. Well, that’s not working out. Our little boy already has a name, everyone already calls him by his name. The idea of something happening to him just kills me inside.

Ok, back to trying to think positive. Our little boy’s name will be Patryck Marcondes Bocianski.
For those of you asking WTF? Let me explain. In Brazil we use the mother’s maiden last name as the child’s middle name and we don’t necessarily give two names. So, we’ll keep that tradition going.

Here’s the 17 weeks belly shot.

17 weeks Belly Picture.



  1. 21reena · April 2, 2010

    that’s a funny comic! I love hearing all about your mom and all the wonderful things your husband’s doing – sounds like things are going great! (love baby’s name too)

  2. Ben Wakeling · April 3, 2010

    Love that comic! That’s just like my wife!!

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