Gender Scan!!!! Boy or Girl?

Yesterday was the day! The most anticipated, expected day we’ve had in a while.

Tom and I have been DYING to find the gender of our little one. I know what you’re going to say, wait until the gender scan with the doctor. Sure, why not!?

Because I’m not a patient person AT ALL. I looked all over the place to find somewhere where we could get the 3D/4D ultrasound and the gender peek at the same time. I finally found a place and we scheduled our appointment for yesterday at 4pm.

I was told to eat before going and to bring either orange or apple juice with me.

I had a late lunch at around 2pm and was afraid that it wasn’t enough so I asked my hubby to pass my McDonalds’s drive through. We each got a McFurry with M&Ms and a couple of apple juices.

I made sure to eat it all before we got to our appointment. The gentleman performing our scan was super sweet and assured us that we would be able to see the gender. There I was, laying on that bed (comfortable actually).

I was given a towel to tuck under my pants so the warm gel that he was about to apply wouldn’t get to it. It all began. He measured the heartbeat 142bpm, then he checked the placenta (which was posterior- behind).

I could see our little one wiggling all over the place. I joked with him that the McFurry did the trick and he agreed. Then we were just looking to find the gender.

Although the baby was moving around and showing off it was doing a little too much and all over the place.  It turned it’s back to us and it looked like it was skiing in there or something. The legs were kicking and everything but the ties were glued together. To make matter worse, every time the technician turned on the 3D/4D the baby would put its hand on its face.

Seriously? I got up and walked around a total of 4 times. We took plenty of brakes and I had plenty of fluids.  I felt like a little pancake after a while. He would have me turn to my right, then to my left, then  back on my back……wow what a workout.

Before he checked me again, he said that he believed it was going to be a girl because he saw three lines. Then he said that although it doesn’t mean anything that was a good guess. He said he would not give us anything until he actually saw the deed.

You had to see Tom’s face. Even though I know he would be in so much love with her if it was a girl, I know that he was really rooting for a boy. It would be his parent’s first grandson. He wants that.

After my 4th “break” he joked and said “that’s it, it’s now or you’ll just have to come back another day”. I said, fine, It’s NOW then.

I kid you not, this child only gave us one chance for a good picture. We could finally see it. There was no doubt about it. IT’S A BOY!!!!

We still get to go back for a better, more detailed 3D/4D scan. What can be better than that? I get to see my little boy again and I don’t have to pay again.

Here’s a picture of our little boy. Meet the newest family member, Patryck Marcondes Bocianski.

It's a BOY!!!

Meet Patryck - 3D image



  1. 21reena · March 27, 2010

    OMG- He’s beautiful!!!! and I think he was preparing you, he’s gonna make you work when he comes, lol! What a great day!

    • wtbocianski · March 27, 2010

      I know. I also think that he’s just giving us a little taste of how things are going to be like. LOL
      Thank you, it’s just so amazing to be able to see him move all around and to already know what we’re having.

      I can’t wait to read the same about you.
      I’ll be right there cheering you on.

  2. tekza · October 11, 2010

    oh my I’m in tears, going for my 4D today already I’m eating all sorts of sweet foods, hope he doesn’t dissapoint us.

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